Swimming With Wild Dolphins

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CEO and dolphin lover, Jemma Prittie, has swam with Wild Dolphins most of her life and believes they have healing powers.

Did you know that scientists are considering the possibility that the sonar of these highly intelligent animals can actually trigger the healing process by increasing T-cells and endorphins?
Excerpt from The Wild Dolphin Cure by Jemma Prittie

As long as she can remember, Jemma Prittie has been fascinated by dolphins. At 14 years old, her father took her to see them for the first time at Sea World in Florida where upon seeing them in captivity, she burst into tears because she knew they should not be held prisoner.  She believes that all living things should be respected and treated with humanity.

‘In 1992, when I was 16, I was walking down a country lane near my family home in Sussex when I was hit by a car travelling at 68 miles per hour.  I was in a coma with multiple injuries, including broken legs and a damaged spleen.  My chances of survival were incredibly slim – the doctors told my mum and dad that if I ever woke up I’d be in a vegetative state. But six weeks later I woke up and went on to make a full recovery.  After the ordeal, I was depressed, so I decided to do a round-the-world trip. On my travels I visited Kaikoura in New Zealand and swam with wild dolphins. They singled me out and swam around me.  In fact, the captain of the boat thought I was pregnant, because dolphins are known to be able to detect a baby in the womb and react by paying the woman a lot of attention. Swimming with the dolphins gave me a big emotional release. I’d been having regular physiotherapy for more than two years since the accident , but swimming with the dolphins regularly made my joints feel much better’ – Excerpt from Spirit and Destiny article, 2015 Issue

Then 3 years ago Jemma was diagnosed with cancerous cells in her cervix which doctors said would need surgery to remove a part of her cervix.  She was reluctant to have the operation and made a deal with the doctors to hold off on the operation so that she could go and swim with the dolphins, as she believed they would heal her.  Once in the Bahamas, the wild dolphins surrounded her and she instantly felt safe and protected.  2 weeks later on her return to the UK, a scan revealed that the cancerous cells had gone and the operation was no longer necessary!

Jemma is the Founder and CEO of Solar Events, and has been running her own events companies since 2003. She is passionate about connecting people with transformational speakers and teachers, to enable them to take steps forwards on their spiritual journeys. Jemma loves working with the amazing teachers and speakers she represents, as well as the people that attend Solar’s events – so much so that it doesn’t feel like work to her but is a joy!
In her spare time, Jemma has a deep abiding love for wild dolphins, and swims with them at every opportunity. She has spent a year working in Florida with children with autism, overseeing their swimming with wild dolphins. Jemma has not only personally experienced the profound healing and transformation that this experience can bring, but has witnessed it in the children and their parents she was working with. She runs her own Wild Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii twice a year designed for people who want to swim with wild dolphins and experience the magic of Hawaii.
Hawaii has become a centre of healing, a place where profound native Hawaiian healing traditions have fused with Eastern and Western medical practices to create an international centre of innovative treatment based on centuries of accumulated knowledge. Today, people journey from around the world to experience the rejuvenating energy of the island.

Jemma runs her own Wild Dolphin Retreats in Hawaii twice a year designed for people who want to swim with wild dolphins and experience the magic of Hawaii

For more information about Jemma’s next Wild Dophin Retreat in Hawaii from 10th to 23rd March, 2017 contact her at jemma@solar-events.co.uk





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