Survival Kit For Life

How to survive living with negative people.

by Anne Jones, self-help author and speaker

In this series I share ways to manage your energy levels and to cope with the negativity you can face day to day from those you work and live with and to rise above the heavy vibes created by irritating and demanding  people that can lower your quality of life.

Sealing your energy field
In modern life we interact with hundreds of people either in person or through social media and, without doubt, some of them will adversely affect your energy. You may feel drained after a business meeting, a social occasion, a visit to a hospital, a walk around a supermarket or just having a chat with a friend. We are all affected by the energies of others to a greater or lesser extent. So let’s look at why the fact that a friend is depressed can make you feel tired or that spending time with someone who is sick can leave you feeling weak and even downhearted.

Thoughts and the energy they carry
Every thought you have carries an emotional charge.  Your energy frequency or vibration ranges from the highest, created by joy and ecstasy, down to the lowest caused by misery, grief and depression.  For the sake of simplicity we can split our feelings and state of mind into two states – positive and negative. Positive states and feelings include: joy, love, ecstasy, fulfilment, self-acceptance, confidence, contentment and negative: grief, hate, guilt, disgust, shame, worry, anger, self-judgement, jealousy and pessimism.

Our thoughts hang around us like clouds. If you go through a period of depression, despair or worry then your thoughts collect as heavy dark, rain clouds called thought forms.

These will affect not yourself but those who come close. If you work alongside people who are pessimistic, critical, run others down, are irritated or angry, worry or are anxious then the atmosphere of the office will drop and you will be affected even if they don’t attack or criticise you.


Thoughts that link us
When we think of someone that person automatically receives the vibe of the emotion attached. Constant and repetitive attitudes and thoughts create every stronger links and connections that carry the vibrations of energy directly to them. So when someone you have upset thinks of you and feels the hurt you will be affected; if they constantly then the link from them to you brings a toxic stream of negativity to you on a 24 hour basis. Over time this can make you feel miserable, depressed or sick as the negativity in your energy field can infect your physical body and your state of mind.

So what can you do to prevent the people in your life bring you down and deplete your energy? You need to seal your energy field.

Protecting yourself
I recommend that you seal your energy on a daily basis whatever you are doing or whoever you are meeting as it’s impossible to know what a person is going through or what they are thinking. If you are involved with close contact with people who are suffering in any way such as nursing, caring or counselling you need to keep refreshing your protection through the day. I refresh mine between each therapy session.  Many healers, nurses and therapists become sick and burnt out because they work when they are tired and do not protect themselves adequately.

    • The Egg


This is a way of putting armour plating around your aura. I use the egg that was taught years ago by the great spiritual healer and medium Betty Shine. I have taught thousands of people how to use this and it can be a life changer. Visualise yourself stepping into a large egg, close the door behind you. The walls are thick enough to keep out all negativity created by people’s moods and thoughts but love can come in and you can see out so you won’t get claustrophobic! It is the perfect insulation when dealing with the public, difficult customers, emotional family members and when visiting a hospital. If necessary replenish it at lunchtime and in the evening before travelling home as crowds are potential danger areas especially if you are very sensitive.

      • The Garage Door.

You can use this when you are caught off guard by someone’s neediness or anger. I use this when I am driving and encounter road rage. I just pull the garage door down and instantly the anger energy is deflected.  You can visualise a door dropping down or better still, use your hand to bring it down.

      • Night-time ritual.

If you have disturbed sleep or nightmares it may help you to use this night-time ritual.

      • Before you get into bed visualise yourself stepping into a golden pyramid, say out loud “I am protected; negative energies cannot affect me as I sleep”
      • Clear all attachments that you have collected through the day by saying “I release all negative connections right now”
      • Use your hands to sweep through your aura and flick away any negativity.

There is a video of this ritual on my YouTube account annejoneshealer.

Whatever your lifestyle or working situation I really recommend that you make it a daily practise to seal your energy; later in this series I will show you how to clear the effects if you do get contaminated!

Go well, take care, love Anne

About the author: Anne Jones is an international author and key-note speaker.  Her self-help books have been translated into 17 languages. With her down to earth style she helps her audiences and readers to find ways to cope with everyday problems and overcome the effects of trauma and loss. She gives practical advice on how to stay uplifted and energised as you face the challenges of life. For more information, click here.

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