Summer Solstice 2017: Make a Resolution and Make a New Start

Teresa Moorey on the magic of Midsummer Solstice.

Midsummer is the magical turning point of the year, when the forces of Light are at their greatest.
Pagans, ancient and modern, realise the seasons bring powers for positive change. Breathe in the enchantment, and believe that anything is possible!

Understand the Solstice
‘Solstice’ means ‘standing still of the sun’.  Days are at their longest, light is at its strongest.  Midsummer is the ancient Druid festival of Alban Heruin, which means The Light of the Shore.  An all-night vigil is held around the camp-fire and dawn is welcomed by a ritual.  To all nature worshippers this is a very important date, because the life-giving sun is triumphant, but also because now is a turning-point.  As Nature hangs in the balance, we can make choices and move, with the seasons, into something new.

Plan your Solstice
The exact date of the Midsummer Solstice this year is on June 21st.  Make a resolution that this will be your fresh start.

  • Stay up all night to watch the sunrise – so much the better if you can do this on a nearby hill-top. As the glowing disk appears, feel yourself being renewed by its power.  Even if the skies are cloudy, you will feel the earth coming alive.  Midsummer falls on a Thursday evening this year, but there is no harm celebrating the following weekend if that’s easier for you
  • Traditionally, Midsummer is a time for pilgrimage. Walk or travel to a location that is sacred to you, and discover your spiritual source.
  • Watch Morris dancers. Some people say that Morris Men are ‘Mary’s Men’ and their dance is dedicated to the Earth Goddess.  This old-fashioned custom has pagan roots.
  • Make a wish on the longest night – affirm that your life is changing course. Light a gold candle to bring you luck.
  • Nature is at her most luxuriant now. Visit parks and gardens, and feel blessed.

A time for earth magic
Herbs and flowers are especially potent now.  Use them to improve your life.

  • Roses: The rose is queen at Midsummer.  Take a bath with rose-petals, preferably some that you picked yourself by the light of the Moon (which is full on June 9th and July 9th).  As you soak, imagine the romantic rose drawing love towards you.  Make a necklace from dried rose-hips as a love-charm.  You can also brew a fragrant tea with rose petals.  Sip this to be able to see the future.
  • John’s Wort. This cheery herb is known to beat depression.  If you pick it yourself at Midsummer it will give you a special boost.  If you want to get pregnant (and you aren’t at all shy!) walk naked at Midsummer in a vegetable patch where some St John’s Wort also grows, and pluck a sprig to keep with you.  With Nature on your side you should soon conceive.
  • Pick vervain at Midsummer and keep it in your house to attract wealth. If you scatter it around your home it should keep the peace, and if you carry it you’ll stay young.  If you’re pining after a love that isn’t returned, help is at hand – burn vervain on a Midsummer bonfire and you’ll be able to move on.
  • Pluck meadowsweet at Midsummer to cheer your heart and bring tranquillity.

Your Midsummer Journey
Your subconscious will help you make changes with this visualisation – you can identify a question you would like to have answered before you start, if you wish.  Relax and imagine that you are in a beautiful Midsummer garden.  See, hear, feel and smell all the details.  Your garden is surrounded by a high fence.  In this fence there are gateways.  You are now going to walk through a gateway taking you into your future.  Is there a sign on the gate?  Does it open easily?  What lies beyond it?  Is there some sort of answer to your question here?  Take the time to explore as much as you like.  You may meet people or creatures, you may see strange or significant artefacts.  Take note, and when you are ready, come back to your garden, close the gate and return to everyday awareness.   Write down all you have experienced – you can repeat this as often as you like.

Teresa Moorey is a counsellor, hypnoterapist, astrologer and Reiki healer, following a pagan spiritual path. She is available to conduct ceremonies, visit the sick and infirm and to provide spiritual support and guidance. She is in private practicein Gloucester, but if you live a long way away, Skype counsellin, hypnotheraphy and consultations are also offered. You can find more information on her website.



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