Step into the Light with Angels

Step into the Light with Angels

Can you hear the clarion call? All over the world more and more people are attuning and aligning their energies to the angelic realms. This is a personal call. It is a call to serve. By deepening our connection and raising our personal energetic vibration we draw closer to the angelic realms for healing, peace, wisdom and love. These gifts are for our personal spiritual growth, and in turn we may then help those around us with a lighter, clearer perspective.

Researching for my books and degree in Comparative Religion, I have discovered the presence of Divine messengers in the lives of many. Ordinary people who’ve had extra-ordinary experiences. We don’t have to believe in one particular religious doctrine, or be ‘whiter than white’. We simply have to open our hearts and minds to the unconditional love being offered. The answer is quite simply that the angels have been given as a gift to us all; we may accept or refuse, the choice is ours. Once we open our heart to the love being shared, unconditionally, the Divine spark is ignited and our life changes

Whether you believe in angels or not they are there. Some people see them, others hear or feel them and their message is always the same. Our role as human beings is to shine our light, fill our hearts with joy, see the love and beauty around us in all of creation. Not easy to the majority of us. It takes a good deal of practice and guidance.

2012 is a very special year. It is a year of choices, a time to change, to aspire to great things and to ascend. How do we do that in a practical way and in our own perhaps seemingly ordinary lives?

I have been facilitating spiritual workshops for fourteen years throughout the UK and abroad, and have learned some powerful techniques and spiritual tools that have been given to me to share with others. We are all unique with an individual purpose and spiritual impulse. For me the greatest excitement is helping people to discover the delights of their journey.

Together let’s step up to the mark in 2012. Let us shine our own light with clarity and enthusiasm, broadening our awareness of the interconnectedness between all things. Let’s work with the angels to put love into action.

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