Spiritual Healer

Ed Pearson on how Spiritual Healing can benefit a wealth of individuals – even those who do not believe in the Spirit world.

I am a good and honest person most of the time. I’ve had my ups and downs in life as we all do. We feel the need to be recognised as a nice person and a doer of good, but it is not always possible. What is possible however is to work with integrity and honesty in your chosen path. My chosen path is Spiritual Healing. It came to me when I needed it most, but it did so without me seeking it out. It could happen to you if you would allow it. I have dedicated my life to the healing work because it touches the very soul of my being, and it will do for you as well.

Many years ago there was a darkness around me, and I could not see the light. Spiritualism came to me in my hour of need when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was a hard time but many people helped, both here in this world and from the other side of life. Many times since then I have been guided by Spirit to get me where I need to be, and that is to help people overcome fear, anxiety, depression and physical illness.

My guides work in a unique way, repairing the body, the soul and the troubled mind where others cannot. We work as a team, treating all who wish to be free of their burdens and ailments. The work that we do is neither scary nor painful. It does not require a belief in the Spirit world. All that is required is an open mind to receive the healing, and that change is possible.

If you are unable to travel to my treatment centre, we are able to treat you effectively from a distance. Distance healing is very effective, and these sessions come with a 14-day money back guarantee on the first session to assure you that you are being treated with the utmost honesty and respect.

Today I received the following communication from my Guide Matthew:

‘The time is right for nations to come together to work with Spirit for the good of all, not just those who believe in it. Too many times the Spirit world has tried to get Man to listen and see the error of his ways, and too many times it has fallen on deaf ears. We are stronger now, and more committed people on Earth are diverting their time and energies into helping the progress to a more Spiritual world where people are not afraid to express their feelings and emotions.

Together with the Spirit world I bring healing to the troubled soul and relief from suffering like never before. Who else heals the Soul and brings peace to the troubled mind? Spirit can and will do this for you if you would only ask, or seek out those with the gift of communication with us in the way we wish to work. It needs an open mind and a commitment to do the work, no matter what the personal hardships may be. We do not seek out those who are overbearing or egotistical, for they do us a disservice by believing that it is they who control the order of things and the way in which we should operate. Too many have come and gone the way of the braggart, believing that they are better than us. Foolish people do not deserve to work with us. We wish only to work with those who give us the honesty and humility that we know is within many humans. The time is right to progress our work and move forward our plans to bring peace and harmony to your world’.

By Ed Pearson

For testimonials and information on Ed’s guides and the work they do, please visit www.spiritsurgeon.co.uk.

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