Sidra Jafri – The Awakening, London 7th of November.

By Ellie Blair.

I was blessed to have been able to participate in this powerful day of Healing and Transition with one of the best Teachers I have ever met.

Sidra Jafri lights up the room when she enters. It becomes quite apparent quite quickly that she has something very special to offer people-namely the education and tools to deal with all of our individual life challenges. By looking deeply in to the causes and consequences of these challenges through Ancestral Imprint, Conditioning, Fear, Hopelessness  and assisting us in recognising the root causes of our problems,  Sidra begins the cleansing process.

To a packed capacity audience on this day through sharing of experiences in a safe and loving environment, life stories began to unfold!

The energy in the room was united as one as the meditations and exercises being led by Sidra began to make a positive impact. The shift in thought process and how we see ourselves- what we have, what we don’t have and what we want,  namely; abundance in money, healthy relationships, a knowledge of our true purpose and various other desires.

Leaving the venue at the end of the day with a different perspective about ourselves and the world we live in was the aim of The Awakening. I myself had a very noticeable shift in my own energy currently going through major life changes. I am dealing with these challenges differently-I see them as signs of how much freer I can be on my journey.

I would urge you to go to Sidra’s web site for more in-depth information about her, She is 100% committed to following her own truth through her work and dedication to all who seek her help and wisdom.

Sidra’s book; ‘The Awakening’ can be purchased through usual channels, Watkins Bookshop and on the Watkins Publishing website!

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