Tantra is well known including sexuality as part of its spiritual practice. What is less well known is that many Tantric techniques make use of the Chakra system. If you are not familiar with the chakras, simply described, they are part of the non-physical “energy” body as originally described in the Indian Vedic tradition. Aspects of this tradition are still used today in many branches of alternative medicine and spiritual practice. Although this non-physical energetic reality has not been formally scientifically verified, the Chakra system allows us to make sense of experiences which otherwise would be perceived as strange if not mad, such as mystical experiences, spontaneous healings, and clairsentience.


For sceptical people I often equate the energy body with the “unconscious” or “subconscious”. This is something that is recognised by scientific establishment, certainly in psychology. There seems to be a lot of overlap between the properties of the energy body and the subconscious. To start with, it is interesting how the key centres of the endocrine systems and the autonomic nervous systems (both work below the levels of normal consciousness) relate closely, anatomically, to traditional chakra positions.


You will find lots of esoteric stuff on the chakras in books, articles and the internet so I am going to focus on an area less easy to find out about, how the chakras relate to our sexuality.

Let me take you on a sexual journey through the chakras.

First Chakra


  • Sex drive and “horniness”

  • There is a drive to achieve orgiastic release, which may even feel painful

  • Orgasm is experienced as a release of tension, mainly in the genital area, accompanied by ejaculation in men

  • Post orgasm is either exhausted sleep or leaves an “itch” that needs to be scratched

  • Sexuality may seems insatiable

Second Chakra


  • Erotic, sensual sexuality

  • Beginner tantric experience

  • Orgasm builds slowly as relaxed sensuousness helps you to bypass your desire to force orgasm so ejaculation becomes an option to take rather than a goal to achieve.

  • Orgasm is still a release of tension, but it is deeper and spreads beyond the genital area. It creates a deep sense of completion, relaxation and emotional peace.

  • Orgasm at this level helps to deepens the bond between couples

Third Chakra


  • Sexual manipulations – seduction and power games

  • The “dark” aspects of Tantra – taboo breaking, sorcery and sex magic

  • The “feminine” version is seduction – the Femme Fatale (in a woman) or the Don Juan (in a man), its mild form is flirting. Giving flowers, candle lit dinners, romantic weekends away, as well as dressing to impress and glamour are examples of ways to enhance sexual “charge” with seduction.

  • The “masculine” version- is increasing sexual “charge” using power games or taboo breaking. In its milder forms it is having sex in risky or titillating situations, for example outside, or after watching or reading porn. Its more extreme version is acting out pornographic scenes or BDSM (Bondage/domination/sadomasochism).

  • Orgasm is still a release of tension. The tension is heightened by increasing the excitement between the couple (the “chase”) or the riskiness of the situation (the “charge”)

  • Post orgasm initially feels like a victory but can be followed by feelings of distaste, insecurity or the desire to seek more extreme excitement.

Fourth Chakra


  • Intermediate Tantric experience.

  • Usually easier for a woman to achieve as her aroused sexuality rises naturally from her genitals to her heart. If a man’s heart is open to receiving this he feels deep pleasure, that the gift of his lingam is so lovingly accepted.

  • Orgasm is more than a release of tension, the couple become aware of the flow of energy between themselves, linking them invisibly but powerfully at sex and heart.

  • The pleasure of the physical orgasm extends into loving feelings and is deeply bonding.

  • The post orgasm bliss can be prolonged and the loving may spread to all beings.

Fifth Chakra


  • Advanced tantric experience

  • Sex as merging of 2 souls/energy bodies

  • Here we move even further from familiar love making.

  • At a physically level the sensations of erotic pleasure from our mouths become equally pleasurable as those from the genitals.

  • It is strongly bonding. There a sense that you are god and goddess making love.

  • Orgasm changes its quality. It is no longer a release of tension but a blissful flow of energy circulating between you and your partner, in both directions.

Sixth Chakra


  • Advanced tantric and spiritual experience

  • This can be non-genital sexual experience. It is powerful trigger to start or deepen a relationship.

  • This is sexuality happening outside the body. Tantric and meditative practices prepare you for this experience.

  • It can feeI as if that you and another have met before, which can feel like an experience of past lives.

  • The sexual experience does not relate to the genitals. It is if you become bigger than your physical body and there may be a dreamlike experience of your souls are making love outside your physical selves.

  • It is accompanying with an incredible sense of release, insight, visions and gratitude that can leave the 2 of you changed and connected forever.

The Seventh Chakra


  • Advanced tantric and spiritual practice

  • This is non-genital sexual experience that can happen with or without a sexual partner. When it happens it is a gift, sometimes called “grace”.

  • Tantra has practices designed to take raw, physical sexual energy up through the energy body out through this chakra so that such experiences are more likely.

  • This is the place the mystics talk of where all becomes one, we dissolve into the oceanic bliss of consciousness.

  • There is no good way to talk about this experience as it is beyond words.

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Helen Dziemidko is a qualified medical practitioner. She is the author of “The Complete Book of Energy Medicine”. Her life journey has been a shift of her focus from the “fix it” approach of medicine to the “increase wellbeing and aliveness” approach of tantra.She has been teaching tantra in the North of England since 2005 and offers one day workshops and weekend module courses.


February 2012

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