Humanity and the earth are in a healing crisis, if we want to heal the world, we must start with ourselves. Healer Lorraine M Newman suggests ten ways that we can do this.

The energetic frequency that makes up the world of form is accelerating due to a vast cycle of celestial movement that is taking our solar system through a photon belt of spiritual light. This is affecting our lives in every way, from social and political events – right down to our bodies.

The energetic frequency of our bodies has speeded up so much that our negative beliefs which cause illness are more easily released. Our energetic form is not as dense as it once was. Conversely, if we stubbornly hold onto our negativity, we are more likely to suffer ill-health. Here are ten ways that can help us to shift our limiting beliefs, improve our health, and do our part in uplifting humanity to a higher consciousness – the path to all healing.

  1. Realise That You Are Not Your Body

Well known spiritual master Paramahansa Yogananda in his book Scientific Healing Affirmations said that healing is about realising that the body is materialised vibration, and that disease is an illusion. We are divine spirit, and our minds produce our bodies – our cells completely reproduce themselves every few years according to our beliefs. The placebo effect is proof of this. Removing limiting beliefs from our minds leaves us clear to create our bodies more healthfully.

  1. Be Positive

A wise woman once said to me: ‘If you want to heal the world – bring in the flowers’, in other words, concentrate on the good things. Some researchers say that we have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts every day, and a lot of these are negative. Science now agrees that negative thinking adversely affects our health, and that the practice of meditation helps us to side-step our constant internal dialogue, resulting in huge benefits for our health and well-being. Every positive thought lifts the vibration of the planet.

  1. Trust

Fear has been embedded into humanity by the belief that we are separate and limited. Our true state is love and oneness, and as the light grows stronger, it is burning through our systems to clear away the fear to make way for love, resulting in more people  suffering anxiety and panic attacks. Your body is re-aligning itself with the new paradigm of ascended consciousness. You are not broken.

  1. Let Go of Judgement

Our knowledge of a situation influences the strength of our judgement of it. For instance, we may judge someone harshly for shouting at their children in the supermarket. However, if we knew that they had had a sleepless night with a sick child, and that their partner was out of work, our judgement would soften. Look to yourself just as kindly; you have only ever done your best with the life-experience that you had in any given moment of your life.

  1. Go With The ‘Funny Feeling.’

We often talk about our feelings when we mean our emotions; emotions are connected to thoughts, but feelings are the way our sub-conscious or our soul communicates with us as non-cognitive information. Sometimes we just know things, but we don’t know why. Learn to trust these feelings because they help us to run congruently with our lives towards our own healing.

  1. Accept ‘What Is’

What we resist persists. Trying to war against or control things only reinforces their strength. If we become ill for instance, we need to accept what has happened in its fullness. Find the peace within by staying in the ‘now’. We do this by observing our thoughts rush into the past to find reasons for our illness, and into the future to worry about what might happen. Notice this. Sit back and watch it happen. Tune into your breathing, feel the rise and fall of your abdomen, and the sensation of breath in your body. Eventually you will feel a sense of calm. This is your peace, you are being in the ‘Now’. Then begin to take whatever steps your intuition guides you to heal yourself.

  1. Love Yourself

Love is actually what we are, but the erroneous belief that we are alone and separate creates the anxiety and fear that masks our true being. Love and accept yourself as you are. The past and the future exist in our thoughts and do not have to affect ‘the Now’. Stay in ‘the Now’ which is love, and is actually all there is.

  1. Forgive yourself.

There is nothing you have done that is wrong – mistakes are a way of learning. We are all here to experience life, whatever that may mean. Our growth and experience that we gift to the universe may include many guises, let’s not judge ourselves about the parts we have chosen to play.

  1. Be Grateful.

Gratitude literally rearranges creation into a more positive vibration. Being grateful for the smallest thing like the beauty of a flower engenders a positive vibration that begins to heal us. When life seems full of problems, there is always something we can find to lighten us: we can be grateful for a warm comfortable bed, the smile of a young child, or even for the running water coming out of our taps. Say a mental or verbal ‘thank you’ to everything around you today.

  1. Praise Someone.

Praising someone is a powerful uplifting experience both for the giver and the receiver, but it doesn’t just stop there. The rays of love and appreciation keep moving out and out into the matrix of life. The attitudes of praise, love and gratitude are ascension attitudes that lift consciousness in a powerful way. Never before have we needed these attitudes more than we do now, as we watch the daily out-picturing of insanity in the world before us.You are more powerful than you know. Wherever the ascension attitudes exist, consciousness is lifted.

If you decide to make these changes in your way of being, you can literally help heal the world.self-healing

Lorraine M Newman is a writer and healer with a background of over twenty five years of teaching yoga and practising Shiatsu and Reiki. The meditation of Ishayas’ Ascension is a strong spiritual focus in her life, and she is passionate about helping humanity to reclaim their spiritual power. Her novel The Children of the Law of One, The Last Days of Atlantis,  and her articles and blogs can be found visiting her website.



















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