Saffron – Health Benefits of ‘The Royal Spice’


By Paris Woodhall

In the Ayuvuedic health systems Saffron spice is considered to be tridoshic – beneficial to all three systems of the body, helping to build new tissues whilst also flushing out toxins. When you understand the true nature of Saffron and its history of use in traditional healthcare systems around it’s easy to appreciate this status as a healing spice.

Saffron crocus can bear up to four flowers and is light purple in colour, but it is the thread-like reddish-coloured stigma of the flower that is valued both as a spice and a natural health remedy. There is increasing evidence to support the use of saffron extracts in the treatment of a range of issues including mood imbalance, nervousness, sleep problems, digestive problems and learning/memory impairments.

When choosing the most effective Saffron for health benefits, the growing region of saffron crocus is critically important as it determines the quality and concentration of the saffron which are essential for its health benefits.

There is a significant difference in concentration between the Saffron purchased from the supermarket compared to the saffron used in food supplements. A strand of saffron from the supermarket may weigh only 1 milligram (1000th of a gram) whereas the saffron within The Naked Pharmacy Saffrosun weighs 30 times this amount. This is the weight and strength (3.5%) required if you are looking to use Saffron for health conditions.

The Naked Pharmacy uses the world’s  highest strength Saffron in Saffrosun. It uses saffron crocus flowers that are handpicked from a small local organic farms located in the hills in Northern Spain. The Mediterranean growing conditions in this region create a perfect environment to strengthen the three main active ingredients – crocin, picrocrocin and saffranal.

Saffrosun is available from selected health stores, pharmacies or from The Naked Pharmacy website.

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