Rising of the Sixth Sun and Resurrection of Quetzacoatl – Heralds of New Enlightenment

Rising of the Sixth Sun and Resurrection of

Quetzacoatl – Heralds of New Enlightenment

Leading the way of the Mexicayotl path


I first met Sergio Magaña, the Mexican shaman, at the International Paco Conference in Hawaii 2010. We were among many shamans from different traditions, including the Incan mystical path and Hawaiian kahunas. Around 30 of us were on Big Island to immerse ourselves in magic, healing and learning. To be there helped us to connect to nature’s rhythms: the chugging of the volcano, the lapping of the ocean, the hum of heady greenery and the chatter of wildlife. We could also plug into the history of the island, way back into antiquity.


I didn’t know any thing about him, but Magaña stood out. He came to the conference accompanied by his mother, Carmencin.  At only 36 years old, his handsome and unlined face begged the question whether he was enough of a seasoned sage to teach us.


But we were all in for a massive surprise. My friend and mystic of the Andean path, Valerie Niestrath, who was at the conference with me, says: “While doing an exercise, with my eyes closed, I sensed a presence in the room, a very big energy. I opened my eyes to see what it was, and saw for the first time a very young man – Sergio – with a huge column of light coming down from the cosmos, covering him all the way down to the floor! I knew I had to learn the healing method he was teaching.”


I was bowled over by the power of what Magaña – whose Nahuatl name is ‘Ocelocoyotl’ meaning a cross between a jaguar and coyote – was imparting. Over a decade ago I started my shamanic training in the Mexican-derived Toltec tradition with nagual Merilyn Tunneshende. I loved and respected the wisdom that had opened the door to another reality for me – yet this was completely different.


Magaña taught us how to use energetic healing to make an immediate impact. I felt the energy coming in, and the pain in my body shifted. Magaña teaches a very precise technique connected to the cosmology of the universe – its rhythm, movement and underlying sacred geometry and numbers. The Incan path focuses on Pachamama and the moon and sun, but the Mexicayotl, a fusion of the Toltec, Chichimeca and Teotihuacan traditions, takes in the flow of the whole universe. To learn to plug into these cosmic forces was incredible.


Magaña had been on a journey to re-discover the ancient Mexicayotl wisdom that has been handed down a lineage of ancestors for over 1,460 years. This all started with his lifetime interest on energetic and spiritual traditions, including Buddhism and shamanism. But, he says, “I never thought I was going to work on these, so I tried to be a chef, and actor, but lots of obstacles stopped those paths. I began doing energetic healing using my own techniques for fun for friends, and suddenly one asked me to heal another. Within one month I had lots of clients.”


Soon after proving his success as a healer, Magaña set up the Centro Energetico Integral (CEI) in Mexico City in 1999. At the centre, Magaña and his team teach different energetic techniques for transformation, healing and empowerment. Some of these include: sacred breathing to align yourself to the universe, healing your ancestors, and lucid dreaming or ‘how to plant your dreams to create reality’. The same year, Magaña even began presenting his own radio show talking about energy medicine.



The turning point, when he began to follow the Mexicayotl path, was when: “One day an Andean teacher told me, if you are awakening in different spiritual paths it is really the voice of your own land and tradition that is calling you. These words really moved me, and I thought there must be a really important knowledge in my land, deeper and unknown hidden in the stones of the pyramids, calendars and sacred sites of Mexico.


So I went to the sacred mountains of Mexico, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, and asked permission for the real knowledge of my land to be opened for me and to find true masters. And my request was fulfilled, my first master in the Mexicayotl tradition then he came to me and offered me to become his student.”


This teacher was Hugo Garcia, who introduced Magaña to the vast raft of Mexicayotl knowledge, and also introduced him to other teachers. “In the Mexicayotl you have a very complex mathematics training about the universe, its cycles, the sacred calendar, the ceremonies, the hidden information in the Nahuatl language, like words of power, the ancient dances, breathings, obsidian mirror, essences, creation, that through thousands of years these cultures have developed.”


Magaña had discovered “the real treasure of Mexico”, but it also came with a responsibility to be a vessel of the Mexicayotl wisdom in the world, Hugo Garcia told him. “At that moment I didn’t doubt, but I didn’t believe completely, and definitely I didn’t look for that… I was very comfortable in Mexico, with my family, friends, and my career,” says Magaña.   


But as the safekeeper of this precious, and mostly secret, knowledge, Magaña has taken on his mission to re-awaken indigenous culture and expand and evolve people’s consciousness. He says: “Now I see that my tradition and my land were calling me to become one of the carriers of the word of this tradition, of this knowledge, to write it like I am doing it now, sharing it with the world.”


Recently Sergio Magana has published a book called ‘2012- 2021 The Dawn of the Sixth Sun: The Path of QuetzalcóatlThe English Translation will be available via Amazon in the spring 2012. In the book, Magaña reveals astounding facts about the Toltec-Mexican calendar, which eclipses the Mayan calendar because it is more complete. He claims that the prophecy according to the Toltec-Mexican calendar is that the world will carry on for over 13,000 more years. The year 2012 will signify a dramatic awakening of the individual and social consciousness and begin the next cycle of 6,000 years, not spell the end of the world. He says: “The sixth sun is in its dawn, and deep changes are happening in the earth. The chronicle says that the fifth sun is going to finish with earthquakes, suffering and that everyone is going to die.  This is not literal, it is a metaphor of that the structures in which we have been living, social, politic, economical, religious are going to change and that we will have to adapt ourselves to these new order to survive.”


Also described in the book are instructions on how to get ready for the upcoming path of ‘Quetzalcoatl’, a Mesoamerican deity also known as the ‘feathered serpent’ or ‘rainbow serpent’. Quetzalcoatl is the god who “hands down civilisation,” according to Mexican archaeologist Enrique Florescano.” Magaña insists the most important thing about Mexicayotl knowledge is that it provides personal training techniques to prepare you for the upcoming transition. He urges: Live your solar destiny, with the dawn of the sun.”


Valerie Niestrath took a group of Westerners to the CEI to experience Magaña’s teachings last year. She says that powerful moments were: “To receive my Aztec name (Xochitecpatl – flowering obsidian knife), and be presented to the elements, four directions, and earth through dancing and also learning to connect the nagual with the obsidian mirror to clean the unconscious.


Sergio’s work helps us to understand the current shift in human consciousness,” she says, “We are now in time where it is necessary to work with the shadow aspect of humanity, and he teaches practical traditional exercises for living everyday life: healing, creating and manifesting, cleaning your shadow, how to stay in harmony of the rhythm of the cosmos for energy, right relationship, abundance and vision.”





Sergio Magaña has knowledge of Mexicayotl mysteries has been a closely guarded secret until now, in line with the historic decree of the last ruler of the Aztec empire, Cuauhtémoc (Descending Eagle).


In 1521, the Spanish had besieged the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan. According to legend, at that time Cuauhtémoc predicted that future generations would seek a ‘new sun’, meaning an awakening of consciousness. This would happen at the ‘The Rising of the Sixth Sun’ – the start of the sixth cycle in 2012, he said. But until then, Cuauhtémoc prophesied: "Hide the sun within your homes and hearts until the time comes to reveal it once again. The treasure that the Spaniards heard of was not gold, but the wisdom and spiritual tradition of our people – our sacred ancient way of life."

Unfortunately, Cuauhtémoc did not have a happy ending, as he was captured by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés, who had him tortured by putting his feet in fire in order to get him to reveal the whereabouts of the ‘Aztec gold’. Cuauhtémoc did not break under torture, but was later executed by Cortés.

The Mexican prophecies state that Cuauhtémoc would one day return to the world, and that this will be in the year 2012, when all wisdom will be revealed.


Find out more about Sergio Magaña and the Centro Energetico Integral: www.concienciadimensional.com

You can train with Sergio Magaña in Bruce Castle Museum, London, on 23-25 and March and 30 March-1st April. Find out more about the healing and dreaming courses at: http://floweringwhirlwind.com




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