Retreats to revive you

Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher, Marc Woolford, has been running retreats for over six years, all over the world from Marsh House in dreamy Dorset to tropical Thailand. For Marc a yoga retreat is more than just a hardcore asana session, it’s sacred.  ‘I think most people are aware that regular yoga practise is good for you on several levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. Like anything else in life, if we do something that makes us feel good for long enough, we are more likely to make it part of our lives,’ he says.

‘Normal sporadic ‘going to class’ style practise does improve things, but it can make yoga something of a discipline. A weekend or a week long retreat gives you an experience of the accumulative effect of regular communion with yourself – you just keep feeling better the more you do it. So it turns your yoga into something that you do because you love it! The health benefits are just a side effect!’

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