Resurgence celebrates 50 years!

The new May/June issue of the magazine – now called Resurgence &  Ecologist – marks five decades of pioneering sustainable living, spirituality, wellbeing and social justice.

As Resurgence approaches its 50 th birthday early next month – the once radical fringe magazine (now called Resurgence & Ecologist) – has become a leading voice for some of the crucial issues of our times. The new May/June issue of Resurgence & Ecologist marks 50 years since the magazine – originally titled Resurgence – was launched in 1966 by a small group of idealists amid the creative ferment of ‘Swinging London’. Other titles from that era have come and gone, but Resurgence has not only survived but has a worldwide reputation.

The actress and campaigner Joanna Lumley says: “I’m thrilled that the Resurgence Trust is celebrating its 50 th anniversary! It has been at the forefront of confronting issues such as factory farming for longer than I can remember. Time spent reading Resurgence &  Ecologist is something that I savour. Always blissfully designed and presented, it challenges and inspires in equal measure.”

Published on a shoestring budget, without corporate support, the magazine has nonetheless outlived many of its ‘Sixties contemporaries. Instead of glossy city-centre offices, it is produced from a Devon farmhouse with wild strawberries around the front door. Launched against the background of the Cold War, Resurgence was – in the words of its founding editor John Papworth – always more than just ‘another peace publication’. Instead, influenced by an eclectic group of early contributors such as the economist E F Schumacher of Small is Beautiful fame, and ‘earth pilgrim’ Satish Kumar, the magazine identified and embraced some of the ideas emerging from the ‘Sixties counter-culture which have Its coverage diversified to include ‘small is beautiful’ issues such as decentralisation and localism; environmental causes such as tackling pollution and the destruction of nature; human rights and the growing separation of politics and economics from ethics and spirituality. It championed modern artists, writers and musicians; supported American troops wanting to desert rather than fight in Vietnam; and was an early opponent of nuclear power, consumerism and high-tech mass production.

Today, the magazine is part of the Resurgence Trust, an educational charity. Having merged with fellow green trailblazer the Ecologist in 2012, the magazine now offers a strong coherent voice for the whole environment. Greg Neale, editor of Resurgence & Ecologist, said the magazine’s 50th anniversary issue will be “part-celebration, part rallying call to the future”. And writing in the 50 th anniversary issue, leading UK environmentalist Jonathon Porritt says the value of Resurgence lies in its integrating the world’s inherently diverse spectrum of social movements – from the environment and human rights to animal welfare – into a more holistic worldview. “There are so few places (online or in print) where that kind of worldview can be explored and shared with imagination and total integrity,” he says.

The issue’s diversity demonstrates why Resurgence & Ecologist continues to be essential reading. Satish Kumar writes on war and the refugee crisis, Herbert Girardet comments on the Paris climate change deal, and other highlights include Geoffrey Lean charting the environmental issues of the Resurgence years; a profile of Resurgence’s founding figures; a reprint of beat poet Michael Horovitz’s iconic poem ‘For Modern Man‘, published in the first Resurgence issue; a reprint of EF Schumachers classic essay “Buddhist Economics”; and a timeline charting the history of the magazine.

Also included is a preview of “One Earth, One Humanity, One Future” – a special event celebrating Resurgence’s 50th birthday at Worcester College, Oxford in September, where renowned speakers from the environment movement will share ideas and inspiration for the future wellbeing of our planet.

Satish Kumar, editor-in- chief of Resurgence & Ecologist, says: “The vision of Resurgence & Ecologist for the next 50 years is to celebrate the diversity of cultures and colours, faiths and philosophies, and our September anniversary event will do just that. Let us transform our divisions into diversity and engage in dialogues over our differences.  Ultimately there is only One Earth, one humanity, and one future.”

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Programme & ticket details for the “R50: One Earth, One Humanity, One Future” event in Oxford, 22nd-25th September, will be available on the Resurgence website from Thursday 5th May from

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