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Soul Mate Journeys

Have you ever met somebody for the first time and instantly known that you had met before? Why is it that so many of us need to confirm whether the romantic bonds we currently share here on earth are the heavenly matches we long for? Andreana Stewart explains how meeting a true soul mate can inspire profound spiritual growth

The intensity associated with an unexpected soul mate reunion is an astounding and unforgettable experience. A bewildering soul mate meeting can leave a sceptic in awe, prompting them to reconsider a phenomenon that they once viewed as fanciful or unsubstantiated. Universally however, the occurrences are undeniably real and hence the many soul mate theories that attempt to explain the mysterious soul mate experience. It is not the purpose of this article to prove the veritable existence of the Soul Mate phenomenon, but to share a collection of experiences supporting its truth.

The encounter took me completely by surprise. I was looking forward to meeting my best mate’s fiancé and was happy that he had finally met ‘the one’. She was sitting on the lounge casually flicking through a magazine. I was struck not by her beauty but by her energy. At first I thought we had met before or that we had once shared something significant together. Undeniably, I knew the stranger before me and I blushed at the obvious physical attraction I felt toward her. It was unreal… WOW! I don’t have words to describe it.” (Quote from Frank describing his first meeting of Julia, his twin soul)

Not always a match made in heaven…

Not all soul mate reunions can be described as matches made in heaven. The subsequent journey toward relationship bliss is more often fraught with disappointment and pain.

I had always felt lucky. I had been blessed with a relationship of mutual adoration, trust and harmony… well most of the time. I was looking forward to settling into the easy stretch of marriage now that we had sorted our differences and overcome the challenges of bringing up a family. The unexpected meeting of a man who I believe to be my true soul mate made me challenge my entire belief principles. I first knew that there was something extraordinary at play when I first looked into his eyes. For what seemed like ages we were locked in a fathomless stare, searching through blurred past memories for answers or clues that would explain the spiritual experience we were having. It was like I had found someone that I’d lost and my soul was rejoicing by doing somersaults and happy dances inside me. I noticed the expression of astonishment on his face as he met my gaze with equal intensity. Unashamedly and without conscience, I allowed my secret passion for the stranger to overwhelm me. Our subsequent meetings only served to intensify the emotions. The energy flying about the room we inhabited was palpable and we feared our blatant attraction was transparent to others. When we were together in a room full of people it felt like we were connected by a cord that was pulling us together like a magnetic force. It seemed like he was the only one in the room and I was always aware of his presence, even if he was out of sight. I had a need to be with him at all times and to divulge all my dark secrets, which I did without regret. In only a short period he knew more about me than anyone in the world. In time I came to the realisation that our future as a couple was impossible and fraught with danger. Our worlds were miles apart, as were our ages and so I entered a period of mourning. Our union would have created havoc and despair to our loved ones. Talk about lousy timing!” (Julia describes the painful elements of her soul mate reunion)

In the movie, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’, Daisy and Benjamin immediately recognise their soul mate connection when they first meet, but their life circumstances are less than ideal. The immediate and burgeoning love that they have for each other overcomes great odds, but finally ends in heartbreak because Benjamin is experiencing life backwards. He is growing younger as time elapses and Daisy is growing old. Although separated through the years, they stay friends throughout their lives, reuniting as lovers when they simultaneously reach an age that allows them to create a love child. Sadly they part when the fear of physical regression overcomes Benjamin, who does not want to be a burden to his family.

Though this example of a painful soul mate journey is fictitious, it is not unlike real life sagas told throughout history about couples not able to fully consummate their soul mate relationship due to life’s complications. Tortured accounts of unfulfilled love between real-life soul mates could be due to the amount of unresolved karma perpetuated over the times spent apart during various incarnations. Individuals who are fortunate enough to meet their soul partner in life may need to balance negative karma before they can experience bliss together. This is due to our innate and known propensity to be corruptible and to err in the face of divine opportunity. In a nutshell, we can make some very bad decisions. The process of nurturing true and pure love with a soul partner therefore requires sacrifice of ego and communion with God to ready the soul for ultimate wholeness. For the soul mate partnership to be truly productive the individuals must have already attained some spiritual mastery during their journeys so that their eventual union will not be tainted.

Theories of Soul Mate Evolution

Divided Souls

In the “Symposium” by Plato (360 B.C.E), an abstract discussion about love and its implications ensues between a romantic group of philosophers. Aristophanes attempts to describe the omnipotent power of love through his understanding of its godly origins. Insolent and disobedient by nature, Zeus decided to humble mankind by cutting them in half to make them weaker. Thus, the separation created a universal hunger among mankind to reunite with their other divided soul. This, according to Aristophanes, explains the desperate need to find the missing half of the soul which has been incarnated in the form of a soul mate. The origin and motivation of love is explained in terms of a physical and emotional need to be whole again. The desire to search for the other half of our severed soul is an ancient and powerful force meant to promote healing, enlightenment and empowerment.

And when one of them meets with his other half… the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy, and would not be out of the other’s sight… : these are the people who pass their whole lives together; yet they could not explain what they desire of one another.” (Plato, 360 B.C.E)

The ‘Collective Unconscious’

Carl Jung espoused the existence of a “collective unconsciousness” that helps explain the feeling of déjà vu, love at first sight and soul mate reunions. The belief is based on the premise that we inherit memories and psychic abilities from past experiences during past lives. The universal connections and experiences that we have had with our past soul mates are stored in the psyche and remain a mystery to us in our current lives. However snippets of memory can be revealed from time to time in our conscious world to help us fulfil our spiritual journeys. It is suggested that we are born with this knowledge and that we store past experiences in the unknown recesses of our unconscious minds.


Theories of soul mate evolution are solidly imbedded within the concept of reincarnation. Spiritual philosophers such as Edgar Cayce and his son, Hugh Lynn Cayce assume the premise that human beings have experienced many past lives. Souls are continually recycled from the spirit to the living world on a constant quest to attain enlightenment and love in its purest form. The important people present in our current lives are the same people we have met in a previous life. It is believed that if two souls have shared a close bond in a previous life and have developed spiritually together, then they will find each other in another life because there is a mutual dependency and a need to evolve further.

Types of Soul Mates – Soul Mate or Twin Souls?

What is a Soul Mate?

The divine element of the soul mate partnership is what differentiates it from mere friendships based on mutual compatibility, attraction, desires, interests and values. Theorists such as Edgar Cayce assume that a soul mate is one with whom we have shared many physical and emotional experiences during numerous lifetimes over a long period of time.

The soul mate notion is not restricted to nor trivialised by ideas of romantic or physical love and marriage partnerships. A common misconception exists that a soul mate is the ideal one who makes life or a relationship blissful. Rather, the significance of the soul mate connection lies in its capacity to accelerate the path of spiritual learning so that individuals may assist one another mentally and spiritually. Therefore it is likely that a number of soul mates can co-exist in a lifetime. Soul mates influence lives by assisting the individual in soul development and helping them to become better people by setting personal ideals and goals.

A fruitful soul mate relationship can help an individual through challenging times and can result in a positive graduation to higher values and ideals. With unconditional love and understanding a true soul mate will always dwell on virtues, not weaknesses and can be the catalyst needed to affect positive change.

Soul groups and families

As previously mentioned, the individual is connected to more than one exclusive soul mate. Individuals are members of a group of souls, including spirit guides, linked spiritually and sometimes gathering together in the physical world. Not only are these meetings in life pre- arranged or pre-destined, they can vary in intensity and length of involvement. For example a soul mate may enter a life, have a profound and lasting influence and then move on in a different direction, once healing or enlightenment is achieved through their support, love or guidance.

Members of a soul group share the same spiritual language and energy and reunions are an intense and intuitive experience. They can be differentiated from mere friends and acquaintances sharing a common path or interest because there will be a powerful and mutual gravitation. Their influence will inspire and shape your current existence. A soul group member is easily identified by an intuitive awareness and a strong and close emotional bond will have formed after a short time. It is not uncommon for members of soul groups to share common destinies or follow the same spiritual journeys through amazing, serendipitous events.

Soul Mate or Twin Soul?

The moment our eyes met it happened… leaping heart, weak knees and a raw, enigmatic physical attraction. His eyes were not windows to his soul but mirrors, reflecting my own soul back and sending shivers of joy down my spine. I was not prepared for the mysterious and breathtaking occurrences that transpired as we became more acquainted. I was swept away in a torrent so tumultuous that I feared I may have lost my mind. It was a total spiritual and physical awakening, like the fog had lifted and I was experiencing an old life through the eyes of a child. Everything had new meaning. The simple beauty of nature had me gasping in awe, every song had a meaning and life seemed so abundant. Physically I experienced amazing natural highs, a heightened sense of awareness and limitless creative and physical energy that I could not expend. I survived on very little sleep and I glowed with happiness. I couldn’t stop dancing. When I left him I felt a smouldering, physical ache deep within my core and a longing that couldn’t be satisfied. Despite the obstacles that blocked us we eventually paved a future together. Our union was motivated by a strong urge to fulfil a purposeful mission together. That very duty compelled us to create a spiritual embassy that has touched the lives of many others. We are well aware that our meeting was instrumental to our success and that we could never have achieved our dreams singlehandedly or with anyone else.” (Sam’s account of her twin soul reunion with Eddy)

The discernible meeting of an intimate soul mate, twin soul or kindred spirit comes with powerful emotion and strong physical attraction. An intimate soul mate is likely to have been a spouse or partner in a previous life, hence the chemistry and instant recognition. Although a conscious memory may not be immediate apparent, when eye contact is made the souls reacquaint, bringing back feelings of joy and pain. However, the reunion can bring further pain when circumstances are less than ideal because there is a strong desire to be together again despite all.

If it is our destiny and quest to achieve wholeness, then the significance of a twin soul reunion is paramount. According to research undertaken by Ariadne Green, there is only a 30 percent chance of a true twin soul encounter in a lifetime. These meetings herald a unique opportunity to expedite this spiritual journey and may not occur again for many lifetimes. Hence there is a mutual and inner knowingness shared between the pair that they are preordained to work together with common purpose and ideals for the benefit of others.

Edgar Cayce believed that twin souls come together to work on a project, or a creation of masterpiece proportion. The work can span a lifetime and can only be achieved together as the goal will be too large to tackle singlehandedly. Each twin soul complements the other in perfect synergy, contributing unique skills and providing inspiration to form an intuitive, creative environment together. Both soul mate and twin flame relationships can help with soul evolution however the duality of purpose between twin souls is the main distinguishing factor.

Twin souls are not necessarily identical although there can be many coincidental similarities in personalities, likes and dislikes and life experiences. A twin soul can be described as a ‘divine complement’ (Green, 2008). According to Green, these couples experience an enigmatic bond that links them heart and soul. The bond is divine by nature, a sacred and spiritual pledge that has everything to do with God’s plan to unite them so that a ‘creative miracle’ can occur (Green, 2006).

Will the journey ever end?

Reuniting with our soul mate therefore, does not necessarily mean we have reached our destination. How the journey will end is one of life’s biggest and most elusive mysteries. The perpetual nature of the soul mate experience suggests that the eternal bond will last many lifetimes until all is resolved. Until we manage to dispel our negative karma through our service to mankind, our soul mates may continue to test us spiritually, emotionally and physically here on earth.

It therefore seems that the quest for wholeness may never end. Even though our current life may be blessed with the special reunion of a twin flame, spiritual mastery may not be attained if negative karma is yet to be resolved. Many lives may need to be endured alone without the support of our true soul mate in order for the individual to learn to prepare themselves spiritually. Will the journey finally end when we are able to free our spiritual selves and attain enlightenment, thus ending the cycle of birth and rebirth? Ultimately, in the pursuit for wholeness, our quest for our true soul mate is all about connecting with God.

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