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In this issue:

  • Meet healer to the stars, Alla Svirinskaya;
  • Rituals and practices to help you to connect with your ancestors;
  • Tips for updating your altar according to the season;
  • Learn about your Golden Shadow and find the gold within;
  • Kindred Spirit Awards 2019 – the winners names revealed!
  • Do you need a Mind Detox Diet?;
  • Honour your female cycles with yoga nidra;
  • Ayahuasca through the eyes of an expert;
  • The myths and legends surrounding the World Tree and meditation;
  • Mary Magdalene’s special relationship with Jesus explored;
  • Discover your moon constellation and sounds with Vedic Astrology;
  • Tips for giving up sugar;
  • The role of the disciple explored;
  • Mind Body Soul Experience;
  • Plus all our regular features and more!