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In this issue:

  • How to Spring clean your soul
  • Top tips on self-protection for Highly Sensitive People
  • Get back in touch with your creativity
  • Get in touch with the wheel of the year with Goddess Wheels
  • Turn your attention to your energy this Spring
  • Learn about the myths and tradition of the Anglo-Saxons
  • An amazing journey to Iceland where there is so much to see and do
  • Don’t miss out on the benefits of going on retreat
  • Meet the Knights Templar
  • Sacred Tattoos and their designs
  • Making time for contemplation in our twilight years
  • Welcome to the chaotic world of Discordianism
  • Enduring wisdom from the native Wintu people of North America
  • Health benefits of Sacred Oils
  • The benefits of returning to happy lives in Past Life Regressions
  • Shame – a positive emotion?