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In this issue:

  • John Parkin on being at peace 16
  • 5 steps to building positive emotions and finding joy
  • Discover the transformative power of breath
  • Learn about the medicine of the Zodiac using the 12 gateways
  • What do the 60s mean to you?38 Feel the magic of the sea
  • Learn to feel cosmic energy
  • Traditions around sacred union
  • Ancestral voices from Africa
  • Rediscover the innocence and curiosity of childhood
  • Honouring the ancestors
  • Facing the shadow self
  • How to work with the subtle worlds 54 A profile of healer Bruno Groenin
  • Medium Gordon Smith on being psychic and the work of mediums
  • Canterbury in a moment in time
  • Debbie Ford’s lost book on prayer
  • Personal story of a grieving daughter
  • A natural cure for eczema