November-December 2016, issue 147


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November-December 2016, issue 147
Yuletide blessings


* Sonia Choquette on how to use your super powers
* Thought leaders talk about Group Consciousness
* Yuletide traditions and ceremonies
* Decks and Oracles review
* Judy Hall extols the virtues of crystal skulls
* Breath techniques with Rose Elliot
* Practical ways to develop your sixth sense
* Mysteries of the Sabian Signs in astrology
* Rebecca Campbell discusses the power of the feminine
* Connect to your creativity
* What are the six elements of a great leader?
* Empathic Mentoring – a natural role for empaths and sensitives
* Explore a new approach to tarot 82 Helping trapped souls to move on
* Food for the soul – homemade breads

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