PISCES Feb 18 – Mar 20


It’s your birthday month for the majority of you and to help you gather others around you, Mercury enters your sign on the 13th. Big dreams and new schemes could be the order of the day, but don’t allow yourself to get distracted in to many different directions especially when it meets Neptune around the 18th. Mars transiting Aries puts you in the mood to have a stern look at your finances and maybe to do something about it on a long term basis. For the first part of the month , Venus is also in the financial sector of your chart, so you could save money and then unfortunately spend it. On the 20th you have a Total Solar Eclipse in your own sign – a time to become independent with your emotions.


The focus for this month is all to do with the first quadrant in your chart, the part of self-understanding through action. The Inner planets are helping you to reveal new insights into yourself; this also comes under the vibration of Chiron and Neptune. It’s important you don’t become lost in your own world; Pisces can do this rather easily. However this is a month when the practical becomes the new mantra for your inner soul and outer voice.


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