Pineal Toning: Working With The Ancient Practice of DNA Harmonics

                                                                                        Pineal Toning



DNA Activation with Ancient Sound


The ancients knew something that somehow we have forgotten.” Albert Einstein


 Activation of the pineal gland is believed synonymous with the legendary blossoming of the Thousand-Petal Lotus.


Pineal Toning is an advanced esoteric system of 24 vowel-specific tone sequences that tap into deeper levels of our quantum reality. These ancient and sacred Lemurian tones interact with the quantum aspects of our DNA field to remove filters that block our full access. Activating our DNA promotes healing, offers potential life extension and heightened intuition. A toning system for physical and spiritual rejuvenation, toning synchronizes the brainwaves and expands our awareness. A powerful and uber-ancient technique accessible to everyone regardless of vocal ability.


These ancient & sacred Lemurian tones, reminiscent of Tibetan Chants, are believed to create light when vocalised. With the understanding that light is quantum, these specific tone sequences interact with the quantum aspects of our DNA field for our physical & spiritual upliftment.


Each level of the Pineal Tone sequence works a specific energy within us as we vocalise them…


~ removal of obstacles from the mastery already encoded in our DNA

~ creating the Merkabah within every living cell

~ mining the Akash

~ telepathic opening to other beings & dimensions

~ transmutation of that which no longer serves us into a higher energy state

~ balancing male & female polarities and dualities

~ master codes for manifestation

~ portal activation

~ enlightenment through joy

~ mastery of time

~ integration of multi-dimensional reality

~ connecting to our future divine self

~ arising from & returning to source

~ healing & rejuvenation


Way back in ancient times people living on the Earth had the capacity to use wisdom and intelligence far surpassing the abilities of modern Man. People at the time of the Earth’s pristine origins enjoyed ready access to all the information in the entire database of the Universe.” Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars of Russia


Vesna Milinkovic is facilitating The 24 Pineal Tone System for the first time in the UK, as remembered and developed by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, a world-leading medical researcher in DNA.


Introductory Talk ~ 24 July & 21 August

Weekend Workshops ~ 8-9 September & 20-21 October

Location ~ York Natural Health, 36 York Road, Acomb, York YO24 4LZ

Booking & information ~ 01904 788 411

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Places are limited so please book ahead.

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