Our Review of Soul Midwives Introduction Class, hosted by Felicity Warner

Soul Midwives Introduction Class

Earlier in January I attended an amazing introductory class about Soul Midwifery in the lovely little town of Bridport in the South West. We were taught by Felicity Warner, a name well associated with this incredible and heart lifting practice.
In the Western world especially, the subject of death is still taboo. We don’t talk about it. We don’t acknowledge its inevitability: We fear it.
The concept of Soul Midwifery is that in the right circumstances, Practitioners are available to people on the journey of leaving their physical bodies.
Depending on the wishes of the client, different forms of healing and spiritual practice can be offered. Massage, meditation, healing oils, music, are just some of the elements that Soul Midwives can bring.
In training they are taught about physicality of dying as well as the spiritual aspects that are equally as important.
The mission is to ensure a peaceful love – filled passing to all clients accepting the help of a Soul Midwife.

Felicity is an incredible Teacher, sharing her own interesting life story which leads perfectly in to why she has chosen this path. The actual training courses go in on a much deeper level and it would seem that there is a growing response and demand for the type of services Soul Midwifery can provide.
A sign perhaps that we are evolving towards a healthier attitude about the subject of dying. I left that day feeling lighter myself about the subject.
I am currently experiencing on a very personal level, the illness and probable passing of a dear friend. I actually feel better equipped to help her in a mindful and loving way.
It is a beautifully powerful gift to have.
Please check out Felicity’s web site to learn more at www.soulmidwives.co.uk and maybe check out her excellent book on the subject called The Soul Midwives Handbook.

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