Our Link to Gaia – Our Responsibility to Nature: It's Your Call

Although relatively smaller in size compared to her brothers and sisters, she is held in great reverence for her extraordinary beauty, selflessness and unconditional love. Before long, her sheer determination to fulfil her dream soon became apparent, with a clear intent to build an exceptional home for her children where they could grow and be nutured in a loving and protected environment. Wildly excited about this idea and like any passionate architect, she spent many a millennia drawing up the necessary plans to make it a reality.

Seeing that she also has a natural flair for ground breaking colour schemes and creating extraordinary textures and shapes, she felt inspired to supervise the project’s entire interior design. However, taking into account the immense task which lay ahead as well as the need for a large number of co-workers, she found herself in a slight predicament but luckily her network of kingdoms came to the rescue when they heard her plea and were able to provide a skilled work force fully qualified for this type of mission.

After many experiments and with the aid of the universal shaker, she at long last created her bespoke cosmic cocktail, which when poured over the foundation of love and purity was a sight to behold as well as thirst quenching. Momentum was gaining pace and the building works were on schedule. With such excitement and joy she would sometimes feel her heart miss a beat in the knowledge that she was giving birth to a cosmic paradise and sparkled like a blue gem amongst her peers.

Celebration was also mounting among Gaia’s family with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, to name just a few, so happy for their sister as they observed that despite the odds and extreme challenges, her dream of a unique dwelling for her children was well underway and blessed with the name Earth. Mother Nature showered humanity with abundance and ensured they felt immediately at home with all of creation living in perfect balance and harmony. She had plenty more gifts to share but all in good time, as for now she knew that too much too soon could lead to her being taken for granted.

From time to time, she would check in on the smaller members of her team who could sometimes be overlooked, like for instance the humble honeybee and recognised their invaluable presence as important messengers and keepers of the balance for both the plant kingdom and her children. Additionally, it was remarked upon that the human family were now adequately maturing and that they could soon be entrusted with certain keys of responsibility. They had been taught to respect their environment with honour and gratitude and that by maintaining the balance and working in collaboration with the world of nature all would be well for Earth and mankind.

They initially arrived in their thousands, giving rise to millions and presently exceeding an unsustainable figure of billions. Greed, power and control constitute the daily diet for dominance with devastating consequences, if only they would care to open their eyes. Pollution is strife, air toxic, oceans left void of life, plastic islands afloat, pollinators dying from an ever increasing hostile environment, land stripped of nutrients and forests, while our mother struggles to breathe with her ever-increasing damaged lungs, once so pure. Additionally, representatives from Mother Nature’s kingdoms have elected to no longer participate in assisting Earth’s children and are departing in their thousands.

There is no denying the fact that we are accountable for having created a world of endangered species which just may include ourselves if we carry on dishonouring life in such a destructive fashion, it’s that simple.

To begin with she gently called on us to be more aware of our actions and on many an occasion, we sadly chose to ignore her with the majority of us still preferring to live in a comfortable existence of selfishness and arrogant bliss, although for how long more? In fact, it’s worth considering that if we were in her shoes, how long would any of us tolerate an invariable amount of abuse from disrespectful guests?

For this reason and with the aid of her exclusive worldwide web, our host has frequently tried to seek our attention through the power of nature to warn us of the critical and peril situation we stand to face in this lifetime and beyond. Consequently, in the likely event when she feels it necessary to send out yet another loud and clear message to awaken humanity, it could be the perfect opportunity to ask yourself what change you can make with your key of responsibility, it’s your call…


Anne-Marie can be contacted at e: am@kulacommunity.com

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