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Thomas Filsinger explains how an emerging paradigm will alter the landscape of science and religion...   Major paradigm shifts in
Maybe you already know that you are eternal spirit in human form. Learning how to use that truth will open
Have you ever been around someone who rubs people up the wrong way? Maybe your boss is a control freak
Our lives can be sweet precisely because they are finite. The sands of time are moving through the hour glass
1971 was the year I went mad and spent three months on a psychiatric ward. 1978 was the year I
Today, on a grey late October morning, feeling unsettled by a light and erratic north wind, I set out to
Self-love. What does that mean to you? Taking long baths, painting your nails, having a massage? While these things make
There are times in all our lives when we feel a calling; a pull to stretch ourselves a little further,
For thousands of years, yoga has been a deep philosophy of life, a way of living skilfully. Most people today
When The Hanged Man, Death, The Tower or The Devil appear in a Tarot reading, people are often fearful of
Counsellors are duty bound by their profession to set a good example, in much the same way as doctors.  We
You wake up in the middle of the night and look at your alarm clock which is flashing brightly with