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This feature has been extracted from Hoʻoponopono: The Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Gratitude and Forgiveness by Carole Berger (Eddison Books,
by Natasha Joy Price     The next symbol in this series is the Master symbol Dai Ko Myo, which
Have you ever felt the strength of the number 11 on Remembrance Day and wondered just where its power lies?
By Marie Bruce   Picture this scene.  You are having a night out with your friends or your partner.  You’re
by Jomie Gee   This is an unusual story, more of a plea really. It’s a call to find the
by Teresa Dellbridge   Mists rise and shadows fall. Autumn is a poignant time, and as the ancient festival of
by Marie Bruce   People often ask me why I switched from Wiccan writing to psychotherapy writing. Some even ask
by Crispin Andrews   Eating too much sugar contributes to diabetes, heart disease, strokes and hypertension, even some cancers. Not
by Pete Bengry   The practice of healing is a shared adventure where peace is often found, resulting in a
by Natasha Joy Price     This is one of my favourite symbols in reiki. It represents to me what
by Nicole Barton   What if we could find freedom from all of our suffering by simply embracing the art
by Shama Sara Palmer   Adverse symptoms of menopause surely have never been so widespread, have they? 1 in 3