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by Beth Kempton   Image: Holly Bobbins Photography   Are you in the midst of your Christmas shopping? As the
From issue 168 (Jan/Feb 2020) of Kindred Spirit, listen to Editor Claire Gillman's full conversation with angel expert and bestselling
by Marie Bruce   It seems we were only just into November when the Christmas bomb officially exploded, and now
by Peta Morton   As the earth dances along on her journey through the cosmos, so her travels take her
Sarah Jennings explains how this therapy can help you to strengthen your energetic protection and clear decades of negative patterning.
Following from the 70th anniversary of spiritual teacher George Ivanovich Gurdjieff's death on October 29th 2019, George Kiourtzidis, the grandson
by Amanda Blainey "Most people spend their whole lives asleep and then wake up a few days before they’re about
by Natasha Joy Price Over the last few weeks whilst writing this series of articles on symbols, I have been
by Antonia Harman   My breakthrough is focused on healing addiction, obsession, depression, trauma and anxiety or any mental issue
by Sarah Robinson   One of the many joys of being a witch is embracing the beauty of every season
by Shama Sara Palmer It’s November, and at this time of year my family and I start to look ahead
By Liz Roberta   New to smudging? Make the most of this ancient calming practice with these practical tips from