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by Pete Bengry   I am currently sitting by a very beautiful lake in Finland. The last time I was
by Marie Bruce   Last month we looked at exaggerated or prolonged grief. This month, I want to explore a
by Nancy Robinson   We are powerful beings of light, with extraordinary abilities and talents to manifest the joy and
by Natalie Louise Fox   What I’ve learnt along the way in life is that gratitude is an energetic gateway
by CEWE   In this digital age, we’re all taking and keeping more photos than ever before, with research revealing
by William T. Hathaway Part Four: Restoration Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Photo credit: Transzendentale Meditation   The previous article, "Decline and
by Vex King   We have an obsession of seeing people fail and kicking them while they’re down. The press
by Tudorbeth One of the oldest forms of magic and spell-weaving was that of ribbon magic or colour magic. The
by Ryan Jackson     Have you hit a wall – in life or in your career? Would you like
by William T. Hathaway   Part Three: Decline and Fall Barbarian invaders plundered the riches of India: Edward VII, Emperor
From issue 169 (Mar/Apr 2020) of Kindred Spirit, listen to Editor Claire Gillman's full conversation with spiritual teacher Matt Kahn
by Shama Palmer   Ayurveda teaches us that one of the main causes of disease is the effects of the