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Answering the rationalist’s question, ‘what is energy?’, practitioner Robert Henderson uses an interesting metaphor in this exclusive online feature from
by Carrie Elizabeth   Linked with the Crown Chakra and Divine Feminine energy, this iridescent gemstone hailing from Sri Lanka,
by Tudorbeth   The moon is very powerful for us in witchcraft as all the planets are, but the moon
Anita Moorjani talks about her experiences with cancer, entering into a coma and going through a near death experience, and
by Sarah Negus   It’s no secret that the COVID-19 outbreak took us all by surprise. The pandemic has seen
by Sarah Robinson   Snakes enchant some people, and some of us are terrified of them. But the snake undeniably
by Sarah Robinson   There is much about the cow to respect — it is a symbol of abundance and
by Sarah Robinson   People have sought to bring animals into their magical practice and superstitions throughout the ages. We
by Crispin Andrews   With the world in crisis now more than ever, we need to look after our mind,
Listen to author and storyteller Sonia Choquette discuss healing, walking the Camino de Santiago and her book Walking Home (2014).
In What Has Life Taught You?, Zoë Sallis has collated answers from a wide variety of inspirational and spiritual figures on
This feature and images have been extracted from The Moon Fix: Harness Lunar Power for Healing and Happiness by Theresa