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Jennifer Hollie Bowles gives an overview of the movements of the moon in December and lets us know what we
ANCIENT MYSTERIES   The Great Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt derived their teachings from Atlantis. We now offer you those
by Demian Allan   Aries 20 March – 20 April   You are now entering the last stage of the
In this month's instalment of Nature's Craft, Tudorbeth explores the unexpected vibrancy of what many of us consider a dreary
To discover your personal Life Path Number, write down all the digits in your date of birth and add them
Here are some suggestions for a delicious vegetarian Christmas feast for you and your guests, taken from Kerstin Niehoff and
In this month's Wisdom of Ayurveda column, Shama Palmer goes back to basics and explains the nitty-gritty of what ayurveda is and
Everyone seems to have their own tale of stress and overwhelm from 2020 – Fiona Agombar shares 12 ways that
A road accident left Nicky Alan in agonising pain, but a diagnosis of M.E. and fibromyalgia and subsequent depression led
  Build Your Inner and Outer Resilience in a Turbulent World at the 1000 Suns Online Yoga and Resilience Summit
From issue 172 (October/November, 2020) of Kindred Spirit, Kim Chestney explains how our internal guidance is far more specific than
Techla Wood explains how understanding the distinct sensory types can help us to have more empathy and compassion for ourselves