Only You Can Give Inner Freedom to Yourself


Savouring the flavours of cinnamon, blueberry and banana over a glass of watermelon juice, I spend my day in conversation with Master Shiva, a contemporary mystic and founder of the Phenomenon School of Awakening (PSA), an organisation driven by the need for an awakened planetary civilisation. Born Madan Menon, to a middle class family in the South Indian state of Kerala, he headed as the CEO of a global media group in Dubai before circumstances in his life lead to the manifestation of the Master Shiva that sat before me. His definitive divinity is visible as he bites into his food, his eyes closed in gratitude to the experience. The floral print on his shirt almost feels like a garland adorned around him. Both the quantity and quality of fun and joy I experienced being with him reveals much about his presence. He felt like a child, and a child of the cosmos; consumed so passionately by the experience, his face locked in smile.

Every moment in conversation with him felt divine and pure:

How did your spiritual journey begin?
Since childhood there was a seeker in me. Being a Commerce student, I learned that instead of simply reading and clearing examinations, I could have a greater understanding of the subject by entering into trade. I evolved into a finder with my experiments, experiences and unlearning.

Most beings are sleeping comfortably in their safe coffins. I chose my path, which this society did not consider safe. After achieving ones goal, we tend to create further goals and then another goal. A moment of pause, made me look into my self. I took a U-turn and found the finder within. I consider myself a normal being and that probably makes me different. I am not a Guru nor am here to create a cult with followers. I would like to be known as a Master. A Master who intend to generate awareness of self-realisation through “Sooryakriya” and “ Satsang with Shiva” – Seminars and talks. I am here to help my fellow beings to attain bliss and peace while remaining in their present world. I have no intention in holding you back once you master the technique of self-awareness.

The idea behind Soorykriya:
Sooryakriya is a simple path to achieve contentment and inner peace; put in four levels. The first level is self-awareness; getting introduced to oneself. Second level is about energy and using it for self-healing and enhancement. Third level is practicing Kriya through Shamanic dance and Mandala music. The fourth and final level is attainment. These teachings are free to all those who truly have desire to be connected to their higher self and to be a part of an awakened planetary civilization by visiting the website

Why did you choose this path?
Well, if you had been to a good restaurant, would you recommend it to your friend? I believe most of us will. I have had great experiences and am continuously experiencing the joy of discovering my true self. Hence, I would like to share my knowledge with my fellow beings so that each one of us can experience similar happiness and peace.

I am not a master who will solve your problems in one touch. I am here to teach you formulas, which you will apply and come out of any discomfort and remain in peace for rest of your life.

Tell us about your transformation
I was a simple bamboo. I got some holes with my experiences. The wind blew through these holes and turned me into a flute. I have tried many recipes of self-realisation. After many trials and errors, I have streamlined Sooryakriya. I have no magical abilities. I am here to guide my fellow beings about how to access one’s true self. I am a mere master, your guide.

The conversation felt never ending, flowing with equal amounts of knowledge and wisdom. The definition of a contemporary Master ended with a beautiful quote “You came as a winner and die as a winner”, his laughter resounding with knowing.Sooryakriya

Sooryakriya is a tool of rediscovery. Using a blend of meditation, kundalini-awakening techniques, breathing exercises and sacred mandala dance movements of shamanic India, it manifests the clearing of energy channels or chakras in ones body, mind and soul. To learn Sooryakriya please visit

After North America, Master Shiva Shivoham will be touring in Turkey and Russia until End of August. There is a 10 day retreat planned in the Himalayas Jan-Feb 2017. He is also planning a European tour starting July 2017 and the UK dates will be announced.



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