New Year, Real You: 8 Steps to Being True To Who You Are


by Clayton John Ainger

New Year is often an apt time to reflect on life and make some plans for the coming year. Following all of the December festivities, we often revel in the excitement and anticipation of what the coming year has in store for us. Re-evaluation at this transitionary time of year feels very natural and so it presents a good opportunity to consider what we enjoy in our current lives, what we want to leave behind and what we wish to gain in the future. Here are 8 steps for achieving a whole new you for 2017.

Be You
Being you means building a solid foundation that you know and are certain of. This unshakeable sense of identity will see you through, no matter what curve balls are thrown your way in the new year. Your certainty of self will lay the path to follow, and steer you back in the right direction should you falter.

Be Focused
When you know yourself and live from a place of intuitive truth, you are in a far better position to stay focused on what you want in life. Staying true to yourself is more likely to turn out the results that you seek.

Be Congruent
Congruence carries on from your sense of identity and focus. The happier you are, the better your performance, and the better your overall results, and the happier you are. Once you’re on the right path, you establish a pleasant cycle. Being congruent means aligning your lifestyle with your values, and being true to yourself and your beliefs.

Be Courageous
None of the above steps are easy; coming to terms with yourself and what you really value and believe can be difficult, as it often feels like having to go ‘against the grain’, and can sometimes mean that people and other fixtures in your life no longer fit with your impression of life. You may feel that some things that you used to value in your life are no longer applicable, and this can be a challenge. It takes great courage to really break out and live entirely on your own terms.

Be Well
Taking good care of your body is instrumental to living your life to the full. Tiredness, irritability and illness can seriously hinder you in your journey, so ensure you eat well, drink 8 glasses of water a day, do a form of regular exercise that you find enjoyable and get plenty of good quality sleep. Most importantly, have fun, and do things that you really enjoy. A poor state of health can start to detract from your progress, and prevent you from venturing further, so be well.

Be ‘the Change’
Mahatma Gandhi said that you must “be the change you want to see in your life”. This means that you cannot expect positivity to flow into your existence without creating and putting out those same energies yourself. You must nourish change yourself, and if this means making changes or sacrifices, then so be it. The best way to implement any change in your life is to permit yourself to do it, to allow change to occur and reassure yourself that it is in the best interest of your wishes for life.

Be Free
Freedom means being able to express yourself, express your voice, express the song in your heart and live your life your way. This involves spending time enjoying your life, and filling it with love, interest, choices and possibilities. It means having a sense of purpose and living in a way that fills you with joy, and you will feel connected, energised, grounded, confident and fulfilled. Conversely, living below the line means reliving your past on repeat, and being consumed by drama, conflict, problems and excuses. It means stifling the negativity instead of dealing with it constructively, and living in a constant state of fear, resentment, anxiety and defeat. So be free, and live above the line!

Be Grateful
Gratitude is the appreciation of your truth and the truth of others. Express your appreciation and gratitude every day of your life, and do not make the mistake of taking good things for granted. Here’s an interesting fact: studies have recorded that expressing gratitude in your life can boost your wellbeing, quality of life and happiness by as much as 25%. That’s reason enough in itself to prompt more gratitude. But by being grateful, you also allow yourself to continue in your newly established cycle of positivity, in which you reap what you sow, and attract as much joy and fulfilment as you put out into the world.

The essence of these changes is quite fundamental, but they are often easier to implement into your lifestyle than you might imagine. By just shifting your perspective and the ways in which you respond to your various experiences, you can reinvent yourself and start on the path to happiness and fulfilment in the New Year. You can learn to be true to yourself through pain and suffering, or through joy and happiness, which do you choose?

About the Author: Clayton John Ainger is a sought after motivational speaker, author of the clayton-aingerinternationally best-selling book The Ego’s Code. His ethos in life is about making every person matter every time. This is why he is so passionate about people and helping them to embrace their individuality, release negativity and understand the power of doing what comes naturally and discover what truly makes their hearts sing. Clayton runs his signature workshops all over the world. He helps people from all walks of life align their truth, and create a life they truly desire. To take this journey further you can find out about Clayton and his events here, and a copy of his book here.


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