Neuroplasticity: The Future of Psychotherapy

Move closer to your spiritual nature. End your self-torture – anxiety, depression, destructive self-criticism, allowing the creative, constructive blossom in all of us to flower.
My life’s work is to help you (and myself) achieve all of this. I consider myself a practicing philosopher. What is our true nature as human beings? What is imprinted in us by our life experience and what is part of our ancient inheritance (DNA)? Most of all I wonder how I can assist my fellow humans in eliminating negative imprints, suffering and limitation.
Do you beat yourself up when you fall short of how you want to be? That doesn’t work. You don’t repair a car by beating it up with a sledge hammer. We need to become brain whisperers and speak to our brain in a language that tells it we are ready to and willing and free to change.
Give the part of you that punishes yourself for your defects or limitations a one- or two-word name that identifies your self-torturer. “Hanging judge”, “Self torturer”, “Mommy”, whatever.
In one or two words you have identified the essence of your self-torturer. DON’T FIGHT IT. Simply say hello in a neutral, even slightly positive way, and your torturer will melt away, if even for a moment. If torture returns, repeat your greeting. Slowly over 4-6 weeks, your smelly friend “torturer” will fade away.
I have introduced you to the field of neuroplasticity, an exciting and radical new and evolving field promoting personal emotional and characterological change. Unfortunately, unlike with computers, there is no delete button on the brain. But neuroplasticity says that the brain can change its imprints if we know how to talk to it.

Now to introduce myself: I am the product of immigrant parents from Russia and Poland who valued education. I graduated with honours from Syracuse University College of Medicine and studied psychiatry with a 3-year fellowship at the prestigious Menninger School of Psychiatry. I studied with all the outstanding creative therapists of my era in the United States: Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson, Al Lowen and many others. For eight years I was a Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University College of Medicine Department of Psychiatry, where I was Director of Education and Training at one of the three Yale teaching hospitals. I live in a remote, magical place, The Burren, and have practiced psychotherapy in Galway, Ireland, for the past 20 years. My new book, John Wayne and the Fierce Kuga-Kugas: A Book of Healing and Transformation (ISBN 978-1-4575-1288-9), has been recently published. You can find more information on my website:

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