Mitzvahs, Good Deeds, Energetic Boomerangs…

In the many readings I do, general recurring themes catch my eye. These messages from our wise loved ones on the Other Side are often pressing and almost urgent, because as we know and feel – time seems to go by faster the older we get. Pretty soon it’s already the weekend, compared to when we were kids and Saturdays couldn’t come fast enough.

These messages from the Other Side are important tools aimed at helping guide our current life paths. After so many years as a privileged witness to countless readings, I can say – they know what’re talking about. They know more than we do, they see it all around us, they see our future, they know when we will cross over. We have to have more faith in our guidance, since we can only see this moment. So I listen carefully as the bystander, even though the messages aren’t directed at me. We can all learn from wise words from the Other Side because we all go through the same themes one way or another.

Lately, many readings have been about the urgency of us as adult children – how we should connect more in person and on the phone to our now elderly parents, and the fact that we as the adults now should lead emotionally, and open up, and it will allow and show our parents to open up and share as well, since many are of a different generation where feelings aren’t discussed.

But more on that at another time, because one recent theme that struck me, is something that can help us bring more into our lives that is good. The message from a loved one had an urgency for the person to do the spiritual homework to create energy movement, to open up their energy for more good things to come into their life, to break the cycle of negative energy that has been swirling around their life.

The loved ones on the Other Side offer what I call the “spiritual homework” part of the reading, when they can see our future and possible fullest potential, they don’t tell us what it is, but they edge us into what could be and what we can do to bring the good new chapter in. But that involves doing the spiritual homework, which sometimes is as simple as drinking green tea because perhaps they simply need more phytonutrients because they don’t eat enough greens and when good things come in, they’ll be fortified.

In recent readings these wise souls from the Other Side who can see our fullest potential, should we choose to do the spiritual homework — “do more mitzvahs.” Do more good deeds. And more often than not, do it in an unsung or low key fashion. I see mitzvahs as an energetic boomerang. It’s like a boomerang, only it’s an energy play.

In one reading, the loved one on the Other Side said he isn’t doing any mitzvahs, and to do more mitzvahs. Or to do mitzvahs. Period. Since the person hasn’t been. The person getting the reading said they used to donate money. The loved one then  clarified, “this isn’t about donating money (and it’s not to say donating money to charity isn’t important), but this is about using our God-given gifts, our earthly position we have.” Use our position, or our gifts to help others. Use it in any little way you can. Donate your time. Donate a free lesson to a charity auction, if you happen to be an art teacher. I donate my readings to such places.

When you do mitzvahs, you never know where and when that good energy will come back from. That’s why I love boomerangs. That’s what mitzvahs remind me of. Often it comes from another place, another angle, that isn’t related to where you did your mitzvah. Sometimes a mitzvah is simply to open up our own energy. Doing these good deeds can help open up our energy to our fullest potential.

And since you’re doing the spiritual homework to open up your life for more good to come in, watch things unfold from the most unlikeliest of places. Like a boomerang.

About the author: Kari Young lives in California and is a regular radio guest, writer, Huffington Post contributor and intuitive. Kari frequently does readings, connecting loved ones on the Other Side. For further information visit her website or follow her on twitter @GoBeyondHere.

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