Medical Reincarnation Expert Convinces TV Critics!

Internationally-acclaimed Medical Past Life Regression expert Nicolas Aujula, aged 28 wowed the producers of new Channel 4

documentary ‘Man Vs Weird’ – prompting them to include his work in the new 4-week series which began Monday night.


The UK-focused finale episode of the documentary, which airs Monday 2 June will showcase a handful of experts demonstrating exceptional psychic and paranormal abilities, was not initially scheduled to include any aspect of Past Life Regression. However, after seeing an interview with Nicolas on ITV Daybreak, the producers changed their minds.


In the Daybreak interview, migraine sufferer Lisa Palmer explained how she had been affected by migraines since childhood and how doctors had been at a loss to help her. It was not until she was regressed by Aujula that she discovered a “memory” of dying as a child in a past life due to a head injury. Since that session, Lisa continues to report that she has experienced no migraines whatsoever and has stopped all medication.


It was this connection between Past Life Regression and its ability to cure medical problems, phobias and behavioural patterns which intrigued Channel 4 and Nicolas, with his astonishing global reputation, was singled out to demonstrate the procedure on the programme.


“I think ‘Man Vs Weird’ is an excellent concept” he says. “Hopefully, it will encourage viewers to think beyond the realms of modern day science and drugs, and open up to the possibility of tapping into their soul-subconscious mind to improve our everyday life. The health benefits of Past-Life Regression go largely unnoticed but I hope to change that”.


Nicolas also uses deep trance techniques to help clients through Hypnotherapy and Future Life Progression. He is convinced that by reliving past experiences and future possibilities stored within our soul-subconscious mind, we can break self-destructive cycles of negative behaviour.


Also a renowned Astrologer, Nicolas counts many UK and Hollywood celebrities as his clients and is a regularly contributor to the Beverly Hills Times.


Nicolas’ work will be featured on Monday 2 June finale episode of ‘Man Vs Weird’ on More 4 at 10pm.


Nicolas is based in SW London and Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Visit Nicolas’ website –

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