Major Planetary Influences in May 2015

– by Demian Allan

Demian Allan is an astrologer working in London and does face to demian-e1410865163591face readings every Sunday at Watkins Books. To book a reading email [email protected]

Lush colours are now in full bloom and as we move firmly into spring, the Sun travels through three signs of the zodiac, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. We have a Mercury retrograde from 19 May until 12 June in the sign of Gemini (where it rules). The themes of education, short distance travel and general communications could all be affected during this period. The planet Saturn goes back into the sign of Scorpio on 15 June, where it will stay until mid-September. If you’re a Scorpio born within the dates of the 18-22 November, then you might find yourselves having to focus on the realities of life and your responsibilities.
However the general feel of this spring is one of renewal and vigour. Jupiter is moving forward in Leo, as are Neptune in Pisces, and Uranus in Aries. The most interesting astrological combination is a direct opposition between Chiron and Lilith in the axis between Virgo and Pisces from 5-13 June. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and Lilith represents the powerful feminine aspects that have been subjected to repression in the past by society. There is an energetic shift that is occurring in all of us, in terms of how spirituality can work with more Goddess energy to heal, and this structure will be felt by all. This will be depicted as strong females become the totem of change on the world stage.

March 21 –April 19
Aries have to be careful that in the first part of the month of May they are not too stubborn in their ideas and opinions. Mars, you ruler, travels in Taurus until the 12th when it moves into the livelier Gemini. This will enable you to feel much more light-hearted, although look out for the 27th when Mercury joins up with Mars causing confusion and impulsiveness. This may just land you in hot water if you don’t think before you speak – a common trait in the Arian personality.

 April 20 –May 20
The earthy nature of Taurus has a seasonal focus this month and the bulls have plenty to celebrate as the Sun basks in your own sign. The energetic Mars is travelling in your constellation until the 12th; be careful about how much work you take on during that period. Venus your ruler will help you to focus on bringing harmony to other people’s needs. Look out for the 26th when Venus clashes with Uranus, an attraction to another could open up a whole new way of looking at your life. The Full Moon on the 4th in your opposite sign of Scorpio at 13 degrees illuminates your partnership zone of your chart.

May 21 –June 20
The good news is that your planetary ruler Mercury is travelling in your own sign this month adding vision and dexterity; the bad news is that from the 19th, it’s going retrograde! Maybe this demonstrates the duality in the Gemini personality, or maybe it’s revealing a need for you to take an objective view on what’s going on around you. Luckily for you, Mars enters your own sign on the 12th allowing you to overcome any obstacles that are in your way, as long as you don’t keep changing your mind on your goals.

June 21 –July 22
There is a contrast this month for the crabs. In one way, it’s time to create a change in your circumstances and objectives; in another, it’s a time not to make any rash decisions. Now if you’re reading this and are feeling confused, well that’s part of the problem. Venus enters your own sign on the 8th adding to the need to make changes, while most of the planets are hiding out in the secretive part of your solar chart. The only real advice I can give you is to make sure you’re in good company, listening to other people’s problems could have a profound effect on how you deal with your own emotions.

July 23 –August 22
The advantage of being a Leo is that you always find yourself at the right place at the right time. Tere is an intuitive knowing of where the spotlight falls. This month sees you connecting with others while keeping your real motivations hidden. This is partly to do with the placement of Venus adding a kind of clandestine affair in your mind’s eye; this can be creatively or romantically. Mercury goes retrograde from the 19th in the friendship zone of your chart, causing a long-standing issue to rear its head again.

August 23 –September 22
Virgo, you are a mutable sign, meaning you are adaptable and possess a mercurial wisdom that denotes the ability to change your viewpoint to fit in with the present circumstances. During the month of May you might feel like you are constantly shifting perspectives and gaining no clear view of where to go forward. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde from the 19th and, with Mars in the fellow mutable sign of Gemini, it could feel like an emotional roller-coaster. Stay calm, the planets are making it harder for you to be decisive, so the remedy is to go with the flow.

September 23 –October 22
The Uranus energy currently travelling in your opposite sign of Aries (since 2011) has brought to your attention the need to be open to all possibilities. The Moon’s Nodes have also been directly affecting the axis between Aries and Libra and perhaps the old saying that the sign of Libra seeks balance, couldn’t come at a better time. But don’t get too despondent – the scales of the planets are putting you in place to receive gifts in the form of wisdom.

October 23 –November 21
On the 4th we have a Full Moon in your own sign at 13 degrees – a powerful combination that heralds a deeper awareness of how you fit in with the world. Your traditional ruler Mars is also travelling in your opposite sign of Taurus until the 12th. These planetary indicators are like a bad theatre production of Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf (if allowed to get out of control), but that’s the best bit; learn to indulge in a little bit of dramatic expression, oh how Scorpio are you?

November 22 –December 21
The archers may feel they are experiencing chronic déjà vu as Saturn is taking a rather stern outlook on your life. Where is good old Jupiter when you need him? Well Zeus is currently enjoying himself in Leo, which should serve you well in terms of getting things done. It is also to remind you that lady luck is still with you, she just wants you to be a bit more disciplined and organised and therefore we go back to Saturn. See, déjà vu.

December 22 –January 19
The Sun is passing through a fellow earth sign, like yourself. This helps you combine practicality and an inner awareness of your strengths. From the 8th, Venus is in your opposite sign of Cancer, enhancing you relationships and your commitments to others. The instability of your home life might come up again, but this is down to Uranus teaching you to be humble in the present moment and at home.

January 20 –February 18
Relationships take a step forward as Jupiter moves forward in your opposite sign of Leo. The eternal quest to find compatibility in another can be realised under the current planetary movements. Work situations are also highlighted under Venus, travelling from the 8th in the career sector of your chart. The key this month is to allow a little bit of empathy to shine through in your dealings with others; this could be a time when you learn more about yourself than at any other time of the year.

February 19 –March 20
Your double rulers Jupiter and Neptune are both moving forward creating a real sense of progression and optimism, something that Pisces enjoys with abundance. Communication is going to be a little strained from the 19th as Mercury in Gemini goes backwards. You might find yourself dreaming some new big idealistic fancies, but be careful not to indulge in this too much – the practical areas of life need attention, a constant battle in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

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