Major Planetary Influences in June 2015

– by Demian Allan

Demian Allan is an astrologer working in London and does face to demian-e1410865163591face readings every Sunday at Watkins Books. To book a reading email [email protected]

March 21 –April 19
The priority with the rams this month should be how you deal with others on a day to day basis. Venus enters another fire sign of Leo on the 6th contributing a need for you to let your hair down. The energy of Uranus is also pushing you forward to achieve big dreams that have been in your mind’s eye for some time now. The month of June could see you starting to realise what those dreams are and how you can put them into practice for the future.

 April 20 –May 20
The home and family is central to you during this late spring period as Venus brings beauty and artistic sensibilities to your core self. The rather dramatic combination of Venus in Leo can really add a touch of fantasy to your personality. However Mercury going backwards in the financial sector of your chart can lead to a certain over reliance on luck – don’t be fooled, it’s not in your nature to be frivolous with money.

May 21 –June 20
You twins are really in the spotlight this Month with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in your own sign, and let’s face it, most Gemini’s enjoy a good get together. Also Saturn which has been transiting in your opposite sign of Sagittarius (like a grim headmaster) goes back into the previous sign, Scorpio for a few months, so you’re no longer facing detention. The New Moon on the 16th in Gemini helps you to embark on a new lifestyle with passion and optimism.

June 21 –July 22
On the 2nd there is a Full Moon that falls into the relationship area of your solar chart. It’s important during this time that you reflect on how you respond within partnerships. You could also find that your partners need more of your support during this time. On the 21st we have the Summer Solstice as the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer, which from an astrological perspective is the start of your new cycle – happy New Year.

July 23 –August 22
The delights of June bring a real sense of creativity to the Leo; the question is whether you are able to steer yourself on your own individual path. Jupiter is moving quickly in your own sign like an Olympic champion triggering a response from you that is courageous and brave. From the 16th – 20th, Jupiter links up with Uranus adding a real zeal to your personality; achieving, is the aim.

August 23 –September 22
This is a far better month for you Virgos. Mercury, your ruler, goes direct on the 12th and Venus takes a dive into the spiritual placement of your solar chart, so romantic attachments can become closer. The trick is to embrace the aspects of your inner self that perhaps you have ignored over the last six months, mainly because you have been mightily busy planning ahead. There is calmness in your nature that can ignite those close to you on their own spiritual path.

September 23 –October 22
Venus always demands your attention simply because it’s the ruler of your sign and therefore helps to conjure up an appreciation of the finer things in life. As we all bask in the June sunshine, for the Libra, it could be a time for improving on career aspirations and redirecting your attention to who is in your life, and who simply does not meet your expectations. Now that may seem a bit cold and calculating, but the last two years have seen you put others first and this just cannot go on.

October 23 –November 21
From the depths of last month to the more refined moments of flaming June, the indicator over the next four weeks is less intense than the previous, and in some ways, they may not suit you entirely. You see, Scorpios like to live in a world where the idea of transformation could always be round the corner, when in fact there are periods when life just seems to trot at its own pace. Take it from a Taurus Astrologer, enjoy yourself, you have earned it.

November 22 –December 21
The attention is on your opposite sign of Gemini this month as the Sun transits in the setting part of you solar chart. Relationships are given a dose of sunshine on motivations and cooperation. The good news is that Saturn moves out of your own sign for a few months into Scorpio, from the 15th. Mars is also in Gemini so rather than focusing on your needs, it’s time to ask those close to you what they need.

December 22 –January 19
There is so much focus on your opinion of others that you may feel at times that no one is listening to you. Have faith – you’re in a period when the planets are putting you in a position of great responsibility and a lot can be gained during this time. The Summer Solstice on the 21st begins a new period for this and puts you in an even stronger place in life; the art of trust in where you are going springs to mind.

January 20 –February 18
Fun and games is the order of the day as the Sun travels in the house of creativity in your solar chart. On the 6th, Venus also enters your partnership zone; this really can enliven and spice up your more romantic yearnings. On the 11th, Mercury goes direct, helping communication with those close to you become a little bit easier, whilst Mars gives you strength and determination, making you able to create quite a strong impression on those who could be valuable to your future.

February 19 –March 20
Neptune your modern ruler goes retrograde on the 11th until November. Take a deep breath, you’re about to enter a period of self-reflection. The trick to handling this energy is to be more aware of your inner motivations, but also those around you. Your intuition is second to none, use it wisely and don’t be despondent when things don’t seem to go your way. A more philosophical approach will stand you in good stead.

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