Major Planetary Influences in July 2015

– by Demian Allan

Demian Allan is an astrologer working in London and does face to demian-e1410865163591face readings every Sunday at Watkins Books. To book a reading email [email protected]

March 21 –April 19
Arians will need to concentrate their energy on the home and family environment this month as the Sun travels in their 4th solar house with their ruler Mars. The problem that could arise is that with two heated planets especially around the early part of the month wrestling each other, you could find yourself behaving like a judge – be careful of your words to others. The first Full Moon of the month on the 2nd helps bring closure to a work situation that has tested you to the limit.

 April 20 –May 20
Your ruler Venus is doing some strange things this month. First of all, it’s travelling in the zodiac sign of Leo and then on the 19th, it travels through Virgo before it goes retrograde on the 25th and re-enters Leo on the 31st. No wonder you bulls might feel a little out of sync, going from self-indulgence to obsessive caution. However this month is about getting a better balance, and is perhaps a time to look at lifestyle habits that need reviewing.

May 21 –June 20
Being a Gemini can sometimes be hard work. You are able to see so many different perspectives of a situation that it can be hard for you to make a final decision. At the start of July, your planetary ruler Mercury is travelling in your own sign, adding a real sense of being able to problem-solve any outstanding issues. On the 9th, Mercury goes into Cancer; money and how you earn it, comes under the spotlight, but this is only temporary and should only be taken as a bit of idealistic thinking on your part.

June 21 –July 22
Ok crabs, this is your month. The Sun and Mars are travelling in your own sign until the 23rd, so stop worrying and start to enjoy the opportunity for growth and development. Now that may seem like a very direct instruction, but you see Cancer is a very spiritual sign that always frets about those close to them. This is a period when the light from the Sun is basking down on you – take advantage and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone now that Mars is on your side. On the 16th, the New Moon is in your own sign adding a general feeling of a new start to the year.

July 23 –August 22
Take it from me Leo’s, you’re in quite a good position in life – there may be too many irons in the fire and your world could have been turned upside down by Jupiter over the last eleven months, but you have changed. July is a month when opportunities start to manifest from the seeds of ideas you planted last year. The energy of Mars in the secretive area of your chart helps you gather new strength from the past victories on an emotional basis – go conquer!

August 23 –September 22
There is a lot of focus this month for you Virgos on career and aspirations and how to move forward with these ideas. Your planetary ruler Mercury goes through three signs of the zodiac this month, Gemini, Cancer and Leo. This means that there are three types of stages during this period, the logical, emotional and physical that you will need to respond to, making July a time of progress and rewards, should you decide to go with the flow of energy.

September 23 –October 22
Venus you ruler is in a very playful mood this month as it hooks up with Jupiter, especially on the 1st – 5th. Mars is also making an impact on the career sector of your chart, helping you to push new boundaries and create changes in direction. Just be careful that you don’t make decisions to the detriment of others who want to help you.

October 23 –November 21
As Mars, your traditional ruler, is travelling into another water sign like yourself Cancer, the internal undercurrents emotionally are given a positive boost in expressing those hidden motivations. This is also helped by the Sun transiting in Cancer. Higher learning and travel are all indicated during this month when connecting with others, and can serve you well and bring forward new opportunities for growth and development.

November 22 –December 21
Since mid-June there has been a little bit less pressure around the archers as the great teacher in the skies, Saturn has moved backwards into the previous sign Scorpio. This enables you to look forward in terms of work in a more playful manner. However remember the strong realisation that hit you in January of this year; there is plenty of work still to be done over the next couple of years. This is a month when you can stop worrying about the if’s and the buts in life and bring happiness to others.

December 22 –January 19
There is a lot of focus on relationships as the Sun and Mars are transiting in your 7th house. Diplomacy and tact will need to be employed when dealing with others. Mercury is also joining the Sun and Mars on the 9th creating less tension and more ease in getting your points across. But with so much emphasis on your opposite sign, you may feel more emotional and vulnerable to your environment. Don’t fight it!

January 20 –February 18
Aquarians, as a rule, enjoy a good fad, especially if it contributes to their zany lifestyle. Over the next four weeks, new interests in self-development take centre stage. Uranus your ruler goes backwards on the 26th, so look out for your strong opinions causing upset and others getting defensive. Venus is in your opposite sign of Leo until the 19th – an invitation from another could prove to be the start of something special.

February 19 –March 20
July, from a creative point of view, is a fantastic opportunity to be spontaneous and connect with likeminded souls. Pisces is a sign that appreciates the finer aspects of the human condition and these next four weeks enables the fish to reach out to others in a positive and uplifting way. The only advice I will give you is not to give too much of your energy to others, as your charitable nature can be taken advantage of.

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