Major Planetary Influences in August 2015

– by Demian Allan

Demian Allan is an astrologer working in London and does face todemian-e1410865163591face readings every Sunday at Watkins Books. To book a reading email

We are now firmly into the summer months of the year, a time when we should all begin to unwind and enjoy the fruits of our labour. Astrologically speaking, it is a time when the zodiac signs of Cancer, Leo and Virgo become prominent as the luminary Sun passes through these constellations. One of the main features over the next two months is the planet Venus going retrograde from the 25th of July right through August and only turning direct on the 6th of September. Those born under the signs of Taurus and Libra will feel that life has suddenly become less fun, but this is only because Venus wants you to dig deep inside to find your true motivations for pleasure and social activities. We also have the planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron all going retrograde during these next two months. The New Moon on 16 July at 23 degrees in Cancer will form a square aspect with Uranus, a powerful symbol for change and revolution in the air. On 11 August we have the big benevolent Jupiter entering Virgo where it will remain for the next twelve months, a strong symbol for bringing the creative into the practical.

March 21 –April 19
The energy shifts for you rams as the Sun (for the majority of the month) is in Leo, a fire sign like yourself. Powerful visions of perception and confidence help you to unlock new ambitions. On the 9th, your ruler Mars also transits into Leo, enabling you to get things done that you have been procrastinating on for far too long. The planet Uranus goes backwards in your own sign this month; Arians that are born from the 7-12 April could feel a real need to break old traditions in their lives.

April 20 –May 20
Venus still remains retrograde during the whole of August urging you to be more aware of your inner motivations and needs. Your focus also turns to family members during the next four weeks as you seek to understand those close to you in a more emotional way. However you could find that old hurts from the past come up to your consciousness, but this allows you to face these old wounds to strengthen your core self and move forward.

May 21 –June 20
The big news for you twins this month is the great benefactor Jupiter is transiting into your solar 4th house for the next twelve months. If you have been wanting to move home, then this could be a perfect time to expand and follow that dream, and even if you are quite happy with your house, you might start to yearn for something new! Your ruler Mercury goes into your cousin zodiac sign of Virgo on the 8th, heightening your need for intellectual stimulation.

June 21 –July 22
The tides of change arrive once more for the Sun sign Cancer as the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all go backwards in the sky again. All these planets are having a direct influence on the crabs and have been for some time now. The response should be positive in allowing yourself to accept that the world is changing fast and your intuition is needed more than ever. You have a big role to play over the coming years.

July 23 –August 22
The mane of Leo is in full flow this month as the Sun, Venus and Mars are travelling companions on the journey of life. How you deal with this planetary energy is up to you, but it might be wise to realise that you are going through quite a transition that is now external rather than internal. Jupiter, which has been in your own sign since last summer, is leaving to go into Virgo and will not be back until another twelve years. A new cycle has just begun – plan and be outward looking, it’s all still to come.

August 23 –September 22
Cast your mind back to the year 2003, and visualise what new beginnings took place during that period. The reason is that planet Jupiter last went through your own sign in that year. The good news is that Jupiter for the first time in twelve years transits in your own sign from the 11th onwards for the next twelve months. This is a great period of expansion and external changes that could set you up for a new cycle in your life. You may feel restless and a little bit more open to new possibilities, but that can only be a good thing.

September 23 –October 22
Your planetary ruler Venus is going backwards in the sky all through August in the constellation of Leo. The area in your life that is under the microscope is friends and new ideas on how to improve your life. The big question for the next four weeks is trying to put those ideas into practice, and asking for others to help you may not bring you the rewards that you were quite expecting. The symbol of the lone wolf could resonate with you in August.

October 23 –November 21
Taking a well-earned rest could be on the agenda for the majority of Scorpios, which is easy to imagine but harder putting into practice. The cosmic forces are pushing you to face your inner fears as Saturn goes direct in your own sign from the 2nd. This marks the end of a cycle that started back in 2012, culminating in a real sense of knowing who you are and what you want out of life. This awareness can be inspirational to others, especially if you come into contact with the Sun Sign of Sagittarius.

November 22 –December 21
Your planetary ruler, Jupiter is moving signs this month from Leo into Virgo on the 11th; meaning Jupiter is now transiting your solar 10th house. This is the placement of ambition and work; expansion in these areas over the next twelve months will be plentiful and with Saturn in your own sign a lot can be achieved if you remain focused and determined. Jupiter has given you a kick in the right direction, use it wisely.

December 22 –January 19
Your ruler Saturn goes direct on the 2nd allowing you to move away from the past and step into the right direction. This shifts the energy in your own thinking process with an added touch of optimism to create change in your direction and home life. Venus is retrograde in your 8th house of other people’s resources and therefore the way that colleagues treat you could bring on some profound realisations in your mind’s eye.

January 20 –February 18
The Sun passing through the zodiac sign of Leo in August can shine a light on matters of the heart, and from the 9th, Mars joins in the party. Aquarians like to remain in control and with so much planetary activity with partners and those close to you, it could be a signal to go more with other people’s ideas instead of your own. The trick to getting the best out of this period is to have a strong belief in yourself and your own individual purpose.

February 19 –March 20
Relationships are on the up as Jupiter, your old ruler, passes into your opposite sign of Virgo where it will remain for the next twelve months. The symbolism is about expansion and inner growth in a partnership. It can also serve as a healing aid from past hurts in the emotional realm over the past twelve years. Pisces is a sign that appreciates that life is not always black and white and that there are many grey areas when it comes to the emotions of others.

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