Liz Mitten Ryan on How Horses Can Help Your Spiritual Journey

“Life can only truly be lived fearlessly”

The spiritual journey is about finding out who we are as higher spiritual beings, what we came here to accomplish and moving towards that highest truth, our unique spiritual truth.

When we find that level of true connection it is all given, unconditional love, wisdom, oneness, joy and peace, guidance and the understanding that all is perfect; there is nothing left to fear. Animals do this naturally. They are always in their truth , always connected to higher guidance and always listen to their instincts (or intuition) That is why they are amazing teachers and healers when allowed the freedom to offer those gifts at liberty and most powerfully in a natural setting.

At Equinisity Retreats in beautiful British Columbia Canada, a one family herd of 14 warmblood horses, a pony and a pet steer run free on 320 acres of sacred land, a magical setting with old growth forests, lakes, aspen groves and expansive views. The land has had shamans and geomancers explore it’s sacred places, vortices, chakras, rocks and trees and declare it ‘dragon energy’, the energy of metamorphosis and manifestation. As well as all of nature it is vibrating to 528 hertz which has been called the energy of love and miracles. When people arrive for a week of immersion and rediscovery, armed with a journal they are presented with a manual of daily exercises and things to reflect on, then they are told to expect miracles, expect magic and be mindful and open to whatever speaks to them. Individual experiences and stories are as varied as the people who are called; all are life-changing.

The one family herd consists of a lead mare, the grandmother spirit, loved and respected, who simply walks through and parts the herd with her focus. She is the wisest and caregiver for the herd, leading them safely to food and water. Her younger sister is the dominant mare in charge of herd language and order who makes sure all are respectfully in their place. Because the horses have all been born into love and live within their individual families, and larger one family, they are happy, calm, trusting and content. Visitors spend mornings with the herd in their big open barn and paddock as the horses munch on hay, rest and share healing energy individually or in groups. The horses work in pairs or family groups or in geometric patterns to raise and change the energy of the group. Epona and her son Paschar often do cranial sacral or work on the crown chakra, holding their mouths over ears or even mouths and noses for 20 minutes, resting their heads on shoulders or on top of people’s heads. Diva, the dominant mare’s family usually gather in the middle of the big open barn and often work on opening hearts, placing their muzzles side by side on people or dropping down to sleep at their feet or place their heads on laps and happily cuddle for hours. Horses see the invisible around us, experience and adjust our energy to the highest levels. I often watch as the herd will approach a person individually and in groups, all showing me the same thing. I will say to the person, “Have you had any injuries below the waist?” as the horses will all be placing their muzzles down that person’s legs or their noses or hooves on chairs the person has sat on. They will work on people when they are present and even on the area the person has left focusing as in distance healing.

Some of the people who come are happy to just connect and absorb the healing energy of the herd, others want to learn herd language and experience liberty play, even riding without bits and on soft treeless saddles. It is all available through the horses teaching. They have offered a new way of connecting and sharing which they call invitation and reward (as opposed to pressure and release) Their idea is to spend unstructured time together doing things that are enjoyable for both parties. They say like a first date, if they and a person can spend time getting to know each other, walking, talking, enjoying a treat or two while developing a shared language, they are only too ready to follow and play with their new friend without halters or ropes. It is all about focus and intent a cornerstone of ‘horsefriendship’ training, in which the ‘man’ becomes a friend. Horses prefer to be treated as we do our human friends with kindness and respect, sharing activities that are pleasurable for both.

Over 17 years living on the land with the horses, they have given me 5 books, the latest called ‘Wisdom From the Herd’ (available through Amazon worldwide –search Liz Mitten Ryan) is a compilation of 10 years of channelled information from the horses, stories from the participants and anecdotes from me. The pictures alone tell the story of countless healings and life changing connection to higher consciousness. The horses have told me it’s like a radio station and when we are tuned to that wave length we are on it and open to another level of consciousness that includes all consciousness or oneness. They call God the ALL as the one life force is within all creation and their golden rule is “do unto all creation as you would like all creation to do unto you.” All of creation is unique and important for the well-being of the planet, the universe and whatever we are interfacing with, whether a rock, tree, animal or another human is really just an interaction, a conversation with God or the ALL.

In keeping with that thought, we spend the afternoons walking the land and visiting the special places, trees or rock forms that speak to us energetically as in vortices and chakras or symbolically through their shapes and forms. We learn that everything is speaking to us and of course each individual experiences their own unique messages. Very often we come across the herd, sometimes grazing, but more often holding a healing circle in one of their ‘churches’ or powerful energetic places. They tell me they are holding and raising the energy of the planet as are many of the animals like the elephants, dolphins and whales. They invite us to join them as just being in that energy lifts the vibration of all.

The dragon energy of the land is revealed in many rock and wood dragons that we encounter on our walks. Beneath us run rivers of healing crystals, fluorite, quartz and chalcopyrite, and many people who arrive with difficulty walking are healed and aligned by allowing the chakras of their feet to open and allow the energies to flow through them. We walk slowly like horses, stopping to graze on the diverse offerings. One of the stories from “Wisdom From the Herd” involves an occasion when even our farm vehicle conspired for a person’s benefit: “The last retreat we had a first time ever expression of consciousness in our ranch vehicle who conspired on a participant’s behalf. I won’t mention names but awonderful woman who arrived unable to walk for more than short distances slowly, was being conveyed to the Third Eye Chakra in the Kubota when it, for the first time ever, came to a grinding halt with a flat tire. The woman managed to walk the rest of the way to the Third Eye and back and arrived feeling energized and much better. The crystal energy in the earth here has amazing healing properties and I told her to open the chakras in her feet and allow it to flow up from the earth through her body.

Amazingly the Kubota had its tire pumped up and didn’t leak again and the woman went on to get stronger each day, eventually crossing the property several times a day and climbing the hills faster than I was.”

After our afternoon walk there is time for journaling, reflection, and rest before a pre- dinner gathering for refreshments and sharing, sometimes group exercises to discover more about our spiritual selves. We pass a talking stick and share in the synchronisities and wonder of everyone’s day. Dinner is an offering from our gardens and surrounding farms, always catering to the various dietary habits of the people visiting. After dinner we sometimes gather at the Spirit lodge, a native inspired underground gathering place which offers drumming, visualization exercises and more sharing under a star filled sky, and often a visit from the herd who like to visit the wall-tent cabins and sleep in the nearby meadows. People who are staying there enjoy the closeness of nature, owls, deer, coyotes and of course the herd who freely move throughout the land. Others stay at the Guest House our base for breakfast and dinner and only a 5 min walk away. As always the herd choose to sleep under the stars, but religiously wander back to arrive at the barn each dawn to rest, munch on their breakfast of hay and to their volunteer job of teaching and healing humans.

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