Living Forever Young, Day 5: Loving Forever Young

Love, in all its beauty holds the power to unite and divide, to bring confidence and despair, to remind us of the importance of human connection and of the ache of isolation. We both send love out into the world and attract it to us, but the most fundamental, the most crucial and influential type of love is the love we feel for ourselves. They say that love conquers all.

True love is love without judgement; it is kind, forgiving, enveloping and honest. When you can be all those things to yourself, as well as to others around you, you have unmasked the fifth secret to living forever young. Love is the essence of who we are, love is what changes the game, it’s where the power is, the truth is, and to live in this place is to become unshakeable.

When we talk about love and relationships, we often focus on our relationship with the significant other in our life – perhaps a wife, husband or partner. However, what if that significant other were ourselves? Self-love – the ability to show compassion, kindness and forgiveness to ourselves – is the beginning of all love, of all relationships. Because if we can’t show ourselves love, how can we expect to truly understand how to love others or invite their love into our lives?

When our relationships with each other and with ourselves are enriching and fulfilling, our lives are nurtured with a sense of calm. Think of all the destructive feelings of love gone sour – jealousy, pride, doubt, anger, bitterness. Just saying those words, how do you feel? If you’re like me, they tense you up, make you screw up your face and tighten your chest and shoulders. Now say some of the words we associate with love – forgiveness, excitement, joy, open-heartedness, kindness. For me, just thinking about those words makes me stand tall, release tension in my face and smile. My breathing feels calmer, and my attitude more positive. And these are all fundamentals for living forever young.

This is an excerpt taken from Living Forever Young by Skip Archimedes, publishing this June by Watkins Publishing Ltd.

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