Living Forever Young, Day 2: Moving Forever Young

Fun movement – whether weight-training, playing basketball, dancing, yoga, Pilates or simply a daily walk, etc. – is the next secret to a longer, healthier, more youthful life. But what’s the secret about this, I hear you ask. Well, it’s the fact that I’m not talking about fitness. Being fit is great but this is not the primary ai ere. What you really want to achieve is a foundation of all-round health, which is a very different thing, and build your fitness on top of that. Fitness alone is not enough to keep you young – it’s no good having a six-pack if your head is in the wrong place and your body is toxic. You need the whole package – as explained in the ten secrets in my book – to really thrive, but moving and exercising is a key component. Being forever young is to feel alive, vibrant, happy and balanced every day – and that’s what moving is all about.

My philosophy is that everyday life presents myriad opportunities for us to get up and move – we’ve just got too used to sitting down. We know that decreasing the amount of activity – including workout load – that you do weakens the body. So, it stands to reason that if you increase the workload on your body in the correct way you strengthen it. This doesn’t necessarily mean pumping iron to give you muscles worthy of The Terminator or running marathons. This is an important point because although I believe fitness is good for you, I firmly believe it should be fun, too – it’s about employing whatever type of movement makes you feel good and alive. Even small changes can improve your circulation, which in turn improves transportation of oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in your magnificent body. And, don’t forget that it’s not just your physical body that benefits -with better-nourished cells in your brain, your mind and spirit benefit, too.

This is an excerpt taken from Living Forever Young by Skip Archimedes, publishing this June by Watkins Publishing Ltd.

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