Living Forever Young, Day 10: Living Forever Young

Finding a single word for this secret was tricky, until I realised that what I wanted to share with you boiled down to helping you create the right environment to live in. Your environment – the space in which you live – has a dramatic impact on your physical and mental well-being. We have already talked about the impact of the mind on the body. In a sense, your mind and body are your inner space, everything under your skin. Now, we can talk about your outer space, how the outside world you live in is having consistent effects on the way you look, on the way you feel and the way you live.

If you looked inside the cells of your body with enough magnification you will find mostly space – I found that pretty mind-blowing the first time I learned it. And think about this: if you look into your outer world you’ll also see mostly space. How we choose to fill that inner and outer space defines our happiness, our strength and balance, our success, our resilience, our passions – all the secrets we’ve touched on over the past 10 days – and, ultimately, how healthily we age.

There are two ways to look at your ‘environment’. First, you can consider the environment you physically live in – that is, the air you breathe and the soul you walk on, and also the home you create for yourself and the people you fill it with. Then, you can look at your inner environment – the spaces within yourself, in your head and heart, and your spirit which together are so fundamental to your experience of living forever young.

Imagine you’re a fish living in a fish tank. In order to stay healthy, you need your owner to regularly clean your water and oxygenate it so that you can breathe purely. What a happy fish you’d be. Now, imagine that you aren’t that lucky. You’re the fish who belongs to the owner who never cleans the water and leaves it to stagnate with a lid on the tank. I wouldn’t treat a pet fish like that, would you? And yet, we are all fish swimming around in the goldfish bowl of the world. It’s our responsibility to ensure that, if we want to live forever young, we need to create a world that is as free from toxins and pollutants as is humanly possible.

This is an excerpt taken from Living Forever Young by Skip Archimedes, publishing this June by Watkins Publishing Ltd.

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