Listen to Dancing Naked in the Forest

Rick June

Featuring Native American flute and percussion, multi-instrumentalist and composer Rick June invites us to explore through his music the Spirit and rhythms of Earth. While encompassing many cultures and musical traditions, he remains well rooted in melody and creates a musical framework that welcomes the adult contemporary listener to join in the dances and festivities within.

Dancing Naked in the Forest is the culmination of a seven year spiritual and musical journey which resulted in this musical ritual that honors and celebrates nature and life.

The recording begins with Procession where we enter the musical forest and create our sacred space. The next two dances, Ysbeth’s Dance and Jeremy’s Dance, raise our Spiritual energy and make a musical declaration of our intention.

With Three Prayers for Gaia we continue with a prayer and musical plea to honor and care for our Earth Mother and save her from the destruction and desecration we have unleashed.

We next honor our ancestors and those who have come and gone before us with Waltzing in the Gloaming.

Waltzing Within the Wheel is a recognition of how we dance (in this case, waltz) within the rhythms and syncopation of the wheel of life.

With a bow to the elements, Dancing in Snowflakes honors the magic of snowfall and embracing the Winter Solstice.

The ritual then proceeds to honor the Goddess and/or the Feminine that exists in all of us. With tongue placed firmly in cheek, On the 7th Day She Danced implies that, while on the seventh day He rested, she danced.

Dancing on the Edge of the Flame is a ritual within itself in that, within some traditions there is a ceremony that involves a building of ecstasy (either Spiritual or Erotic – preferably both) that culminates in an ecstatic moment encompassing the entire body and Spirit.

Heartdance is a celebration of the joy, fun and ecstasy of living (at least in this moment) and the opening of the emotional and spiritual heart within us.

The title composition Dancing Naked in the Forest invites participants to experience the forest and nature in all its glory in the most intimate manner possible.

As rituals must close, with full hearts and the optimism of reuniting, Parting sends us on our way and the forest begins to return to its stately presence with Embers – until merry we meet again.

Please enjoy the free download Ysbeth’s Dance as my gift and introduction to Dancing Naked in the Forest.

Oh, and by the way, should you happen to be walking in a forest somewhere and come upon a naked man playing flute up in a tree, please do feel free to say hello.

You can download one of Rick’s tracks here.



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