“Love is Letting Go of Fear” (21st century edition) book re-launch

London gala dinner and workshop, August 2011

 Dr Gerald (Jerry) Jampolsky’s 1979 worldwide best-seller “Love Is Letting Go Of Fear” will be re-launched at a gala dinner at the London Paddington Hilton Hotel on 19th August, followed by a one-day workshop ‘Letting Go of Fear in a Changing World’ at the Royal National Hotel, London on 20th August, presented by Jerry and his wife Dr Diane Cirincione.

The one-day workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn simple, easy-to-apply, down-to-earth and practical tools for dealing with our fears, worries and modern concerns from two of the world’s most renowned, influential and respected spiritual teachers.

We will show you how you can change your life dramatically in, literally, one day!” claims Diane “…as we apply universal spiritual principles to both every day challenges, as well as our own unforgiving thoughts, victimhood and our powerful negative attitudes with which we deny inner freedom and block outer success. We’ll show you how to turn this around by choosing love over fear in your decision making.”

After more than 30 years and 4 million copies sold in over 30 languages, ‘Love Is Letting Go Of Fear’ continues to be among the most widely read and best loved classics on personal transformation. Both helpful and hopeful, this wonderful book offers to help us let go of the past and stay focused on the present as we step confidently towards the future. Updated for our current times, “Our 21st century edition addresses terrorism, financial insecurity and the current concerns of modern day instability.” explains Jerry. “Our workshop brings the work up to date, providing tools to combat current issues in daily life.”

Jerry Jampolsky’s work is the sweetest, gentlest healing melody to my heart. Its principles have had a profound effect on me. It has influenced how I see and hold myself, how I conduct my relationships with others and how I look at the world. It has helped me find a sense of inner peace, joy and happiness beyond what I had ever experienced before — or ever thought possible.” (From the new forward by music legend Carlos Santana.)

Gala dinner date / time / cost: Friday 19th August 2011, 7pm-10pm, £50 (£45)

Venue / booking: London Paddington Hilton Hotel, London www.miracles.org.uk/JampolskyEvening

Workshop date / time / cost: Saturday 20th August 2011, 10am-5pm, £75 (£50)

Venue / booking: Royal National Hotel, London www.miracles.org.uk/JampolskyDay

1. Enquiries: Ian Patrick (Miracle Network) 020 7262 0209 info@miracles.org.uk Out of hours: 07817 866972. Full articles, interviews and photographs available. The attached cartoons are copyright free.

2. The Miracle Network, sponsoring this event, is a UK-registered charity (No. 1108852), acting as a resource organisation for all things related to ‘A Course In Miracles’ in the UK – a self-study system of spiritual psychology contained in a 1,250 page, three volume book, first published in 1976. The Course combines profound spiritual teachings with far-reaching and practical psychological insights; and is the foundation resource of such renowned teachers as Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gary Renard, Dr Robert Holden and Dr Chuck Spezzano. Details www.miracles.org.uk

3. The special launch Gala dinner is organised by the Miracle Network and will be attended by major authors and teachers of ‘A Course In Miracles’ in the UK. Jerry and Diane will be giving their time free of charge to support this event celebrating the Course community and raising money for the Miracle Network. They were last in the UK ten years ago to address a packed audience in London’s Kensington Town Hall, to raise money to support the Miracle Network. They live in California and Hawaii.

4. Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione are renowned co-founders of Attitudinal Healing International, a support organisation based on the principles of Attitudinal Healing, those of choosing peace over conflict, love over fear, compassion over indifference and forgiveness over judgmental blame in all aspects of daily life. Details: www.ahinternational.org

5. Jerry has appeared on numerous international shows including Oprah, 60 Minutes, CNN Nightly News, CBS Morning Show and The Today Show.

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