Lee Carroll Channeling Kryon Seminar In May Brings Good News For All!

Lee Carroll has been channeling Kryon for over 20 years now, and released nine books of this work.  He describes Kryon as an angelic loving entity from the source who has been with the earth “since the beginning”, belonging to the “family” of Archangel Michael. Lee Carroll invites us to experience Kryon’s messages within the comfort of our own eyes and our own timing. The energy is described as pure and familiar, given to us as the essence of the universe.

How did your spiritual journey begin, was it with you as a child or did it begin later in life?

Unbelievably, I was set in my vocation (recording engineer), had many awards, and was very happy with everything. It was in my mid-forties that all this began. It’s a very involved story and my stubbornness to change is legendary, but Spirit knows me well, and showed me truth through my heart. I just could not resist what later has become my passion.

Was there a particular event that triggered your connection with Kryon?

Yes! Two channelers (who I was dragged to by Jan Tober, my wife at the time) gave the identical information… same phrase! It was three years apart, and they were 40 years apart in age. They didn’t know each other. The phrase? “There is a magnetic master who wishes to speak to you.” I couldn’t leave that alone. It was a puzzle that demanded attention, since it couldn’t have been an accident or a coincidence. Nowadays, Spirit says to me… “Made you look!” Ha!

How would you describe the nature of your work?

That depends on who you ask! To many I represent the hard core lunatic fringe. But to those who are open to metaphysics and ancient history, I’m a 24 year channeler who has brought messages of hope and esoteric information to the planet. I’m on the road with seminars almost the entire year, and write books as I go.

What is the nature of your connection with Kryon – is it visual or do you hear Kryon’s voice.

Do you go into trance, or are you conscious during the channelling? What does it feel like?

I’m very conscious but I keep my eyes closed. I also don’t walk around. The experience is something almost indescribable, but I’ve done my best to try to write about it in chapter three of my last book (The Recalibration of Humanity). THIS is what pulled me in when I was an engineer. No experience on the planet had given me this kind of loving “high” with the marriage of my Higher-Self to the corporeal self. The messages are not cryptic or hard to figure out. They are “spiritual common sense” delivered from a master entity who feels like your brother! I love the experience, and it does not wear me out. It feels like the most natural thing to do, and I’m invigorated each time.

Do you channel Kyron directly, or are there intermediary beings?

Not only is it a direct connection, but the ONLY connection. The only intermediary is the one for all of us – the Higher-Self. This is our “piece of God” inside ourselves which is the portal to all information and the sacred filter we use to examine truth. Kryon is not proprietary either, and anyone can channel this wonderful energy.

Where does Kryon fit in the concept of the spiritual hierarchy?

Ha! Well, it is kind of a Human concept, isn’t it? Kryon says there is no spiritual heirarchy, and that we tend to emulate or “humanize” God at every chance. This is a major part of my teaching! But I’ll answer it anyway. Kryon is family, and is just like us when we are not here. She/He has never been Human, and exists to love us and give us information about a future that we have created only recently, as we have moved through these last 20 years or so.

What is Magnetic Service?

It’s a metaphor. Kryon originally spoke of the magnetic grid of the planet and how we need it for life. Now there is science around this, and I teach it. So I think it was kind of a “hello” that just stuck, and this is his salutation to us each time I channel. Now my lectures include information about the magnetic grid, and what it means to us. But when I first began, I used to make fun of this phrase. I thought I was dealing with an angel you could stick to your refrigerator, magnetically.

Do you have any particular advice for our readers and what is to come?

What I do for a living is to give this exact advice! The planet is changing, and unless you have a grasp on some very basic truths that have not been common knowledge, it might be frightening to feel the changes we are going through. I want to give the very good news that there is a plan – a good one and a benevolent one – for the evolution of consciousness on Earth. It’s validated with history and many are becoming aware of it. The predictions of KRYON have come to pass all around us, and it’s very exciting to see it all start to happen. Meanwhile, it’s slow, ponderous if you don’t understand it, and yes… a bit “out there” if you are in a box of your own belief. But that’s what I do… open boxes. Don’t be afraid of the changes before us, and begin to understand that we are part of God, a big part. This was the message of all the recognized masters of the planet that we were in control of our own bodies, and our own destiny. Now that time is here.


Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Lee Carroll’s seminar and hear messages from KRYON on the

8th May, Jury’s Inn, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham!

SHIFT The Beginning of a New World. Lee Carroll

Early Bird: £95 till 10.04.16 then £125 for tickets
What is the “New” Prophecy for Earth? Seminar with Lee Carroll / Kryon
The new energy that we are currently experiencing is the beginning of the long predicted “Great
Shift.  Lee Carroll and Kryon will talk about
•    How is this New Energy affecting me?
•    If these changes are supposed to be so good, why do I feel so bad?
•    Why is there such a turmoil happening in the world, if this is a good shift?
•    What is the “new” prophecy for Earth?






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