Learning to Stay Centered Amidst Distraction by Brad Wallis

As a human being, whether child or adult, how do you find your core sense of self? How can you find happiness with yourself no matter what is going on around you? Or in other words, how do you practice the art of staying centered amidst all the distraction of life?

One needs to find their center first and then practice staying centered amidst all the distraction. Not only do human beings become emotionally distracted by things going on in their lives, they react to them. What then becomes your perspective? Do you hold your perspective according to the core center of your Self?

There are countless examples of couples who have married at a very young age, had children and once the children leave home the couple finds they no longer have anything in common. Thus their relationship ends in divorce. Then the cycle continues because the children don’t know any different than the way they’ve been raised and that cycle continues on from lifetime to lifetime. Everything in your life comes back to self-recognition of your core self.

Finding your core center self eliminates this type of experience in your life because of the knowing of who you are. Human beings as a whole are just not taught that concept at a very early age. The reason they aren’t taught it is because those doing the teaching don’t know that very principle themselves. You can only lead and teach by example. It’s only when you have a very complete sense of self (you’ve done your soul searching and finally found what your connection back to the Source of all things is) that you can demonstrate that to your children. Usually that doesn’t come to you until later in life and your children have already grown.

Often in life it is the older parents or grandparents who are much better teachers because they have been able to experience and learn and understand things better, and they then can teach those who are seeking. Isn’t it interesting that there are still tribes in this world where the elders do all the teaching?

There are still some primitive societies, even some commune type of societies, where the young give birth to the children, but it is the elders who teach the children. The elders are the valuable ones in the society; they teach the children core issues such as how to be well and how to heal themselves. These societies live very harmoniously together.

Doesn’t it make one think or question why is it that we as a Western civilization or a so-called  “advanced” society haven’t even figured out how to be familiar with ourselves and keep ourselves centered? Imagine if you were taught from a very young age that you were capable of becoming or doing anything that you could think of? Or if you were in a relationship that allowed you the freedom to experience all that you feel you need to experience? How much farther along in your life and your experience would you be now?

If you have gotten to a point where how you feel inside is contrary to what you have been taught or what others are teaching, then you are awakening yourself to the knowing that there is something else out there. Why would anyone want to bury themselves in the misconception that life as you know it is all there is? Your internal knowing knows differently. Your soul knows differently.

Have you finally gotten to the where there is some self-discovery going on? Are you starting to see things differently? Do things in your life seem not to be as others see them? What is it that your soul is saying to you?

In your human experience there is a definite difference between what you are telling someone versus what you are demonstrating. For example, an adult who drinks alcohol in front of their children yet tells their children not to is going to have a hard time convincing those children not to drink. A child is also going to lose all respect for the adult who says to treat others respectfully when they themselves don’t do so. It all comes back to the old adage, “your actions speak for themselves.” They are the only things that do speak. Words are nothing when the teacher doesn’t practice what they preach.

There is conflict in life between seeing and hearing and doing, which affects your being. By finding your own self you find your connection back to Source, and then your actions change automatically because of your knowing. In finding your soul and self-discovery and your connection back to Source, you will naturally act in a particular manner which is you becoming a much more connected person. This is due to the fact that you understand that all things are connected, and behaviour follows the learning experience.

The art of allowing permits another the freedom for self-discovery no matter how long it takes. They might get it early in their life’s experience, or they might get it later in life, but they will get it! The art of allowing demonstrates to others the very thing that you are trying to show them. The human being who is centered amidst all distraction is practicing the art of allowing.

These principles are usually taught backwards in the human life experience. So we are saying to you AWAKEN and let‘s begin the process of learning and healing yourself from within. Let’s teach you the art of allowing and how you can heal yourself by recognizing who you are and what your soul is saying to you.

Awaken and learn the simple things that make life so fun… Learn why you are here on this Earthly plane.

Learn to trust yourself and your knowing. Learn to trust your spiritual experiences and the fact that your soul is speaking to you. Awaken yourself to this knowing and allow others to do the same.

Author Bio:

Brad & Kasey Wallis are conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius who offers messages of empowerment for an enlightened humanity.
Through Julius’s higher conscious teachings they are expanding the awareness of who we truly are by knowing our Source essence as limitless light beings. Kasey/Brad along with Julius bring their work forward through many forums including articles and books by Brad that encompass Julius’s teachings, Personal Readings with Julius, Interactive Teaching Classes, and a membership group called the I AM.

Academy. Learn more at: http://expandwithjulius.com

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