Kindred Spirit Tests khadi White Lily Face Oil for Dry Skin and Mature Skin 

khadi White Lily Face Oil for Dry Skin and Mature Skin, advertised stats:
This face oil helps to restore moisture to dry skin and reduce the signs of ageing:

  • White Lily has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents the skin from becoming dry and irritated.
  • Luxurious ingredients such as Liquorice keep the skin hydrated
  • Amla gives a glow to the skin and prevents wrinkles.
  • Patchouli is a superb tissue regenerator it is excellent for dry & mature skin.
  • Myrrh acts as a balm on chapped skin & improves circulation by generating warmth.
  • Fennel has cleansing and toning effect on the skin and prevents wrinkles in mature skin.

AROMATHERAPEUTIC properties: Patchouli is considered a great balancer relaxing yet stimulating. It is also an aphrodisiac. Myrrh enhances spirituality and is comforting & calms the senses. Fennel eases nervous tension and stress.

So, reading the above info, the oil had quite a lot to live up to!

I found it a bit heavy for my face in the warmer seasons so i used it on my face every other night, sparingly and found i didn’t need another moisturiser or serum and it smelled gorgeous and comforting to drift off to sleep to. Certainly did the job!

Am sure it will be a winter saver after those days spent out and about looking for family Christmas gifts etc.

Summer / Autumn found me using this on my legs as i’ve never found the perfect body lotion for them and often forget.  My legs tend to be dry all year round so i really enjoyed massaging this in (and boy- does this oil preserve a tan!) The oil also gave a nice sheen and beautiful, deepening aroma all day which definitely added to the feeling of general well-being.

I enlisted a friend also for this review alongside me as although i have mature skin, i don’t have particularly dry skin and my friend, Shara is in her mid 30’s and originally from Ghana and dreads windy autumnal weather dulling and chafing her skin. She is definitely a convert and is sure it will do the trick.

Result:  highly recommended!  Tested by Joanne Hunt, ad manager, Kindred Spirit

RRP: £11.90 and one bottle lasts for a very long time!

Khadi products are available via Pravera, HERE  

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