Kindred Spirit Reviews HayMax: All Natural Hay Fever and Allergy Balms

Need something for allergies or hay fever but scared of side -effects from medication? Read on!

I had developed an allergy to something during that very warm spell in April.  I awoke feeling like i had a cold (impossible as i work from home and hadn’t left the house and garden in 5 days) It was a mystery as the huge lawn here is mowed every 3 days and i’d had my windows open all day for a week.

I did notice that the sky was streaked with chem trails, that is, unlike the contrails from jet engines that dissipate within about ten minutes, these were around all day. Chemicals are added to jet fuel both for weather modification (like silver iodide) and also to test spread and distribution ratios for various substances. Hmmmm…

The second and much more severe instance of this allergy appeared almost the very moment the 767 i was on on June 5th entered UK air space (about fifty minutes from landing) and i made my way home from Heathrow Airport with red, swollen streaming eyes and an almost abrasive soreness on the inside of my nose, which was running like the proverbial  tap!  I found myself mulling over if, at the age of 51, i had suddenly developed hay fever!

Being determined to keep my body medication -free, i remembered an advert for HayMax and emailed them as soon as i got home.  HayMax has won over 40 awards so i was very keen to try it and within a day of my request, all 5 balms were on my doorstep!

I applied the balm as directed; to the insides of my nostrils and around the eye socket bone and within about 35 minutes, the symptoms had definitely eased. Throughout the Evening and following 2 days, i applied more about every hour and the improvement was continuous until by day 4, i felt back to normal.

I still don’t know what the allergy was and indeed, several friends who are naturopaths insisted that it was pollution (oddly, the sky again was actually full of chem-trails that stayed around all day!) but whatever it was i am very impressed with the balms and whenever i get that itchy twinge in my eyes or nose (3 so far), i pop some on and it subsides.

Whilst there are a lot of very negative health issues reportedly tied to medication for allergies, i would urge everyone to try these balms, particularly if you have kids, are pregnant or breastfeeding!

Of a survey carried out independently by Allergy UK with volunteers from their subscribers, 80% of the respondents said that HayMax balms worked.

Recommended for hay fever, pet, mould and dust allergies (and i can personally add pollution to the list!)

Do go and visit HayMax’s website for comprehensive information and many tips on treating allergies naturally.  The balms are sold at Holland & Barrett, Waitrose, Boots and most health food stores.  Great value for money and a pot will last for ages!

Reviewed by Joanne Hunt, Kindred Spirit.

Tel: 01525 406600

[email protected]

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