Kindred Spirit 2014 Award Nominee, Bhutan Nuns Foundation Hold Sponsored Walk

Earlier this year in May, the BNF were nominated for an award at the Kindred Spirit Awards at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London. We didn’t win however it was a great honor to be along side many inspiring nominees doing incredible work in England to help people and communities.

On 2nd November 2014, a sponsored walk is being held by the BNF and led by Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck, the Patron of BNF. Anyone is welcome to join but must find their own sponsors.
Walkers will gain merit by trekking to and paying homage to 3 very important, special and old temples. Also, sponsorship of the Walk will provide support to the Bhutanese nuns and their spiritual practice. There is a traditional belief that visiting all three places in one day will gain a pilgrim far more merit than would typically be earned by visiting a single holy site.

The Bhutan Nun Foundation

The Bhutan Nun Foundation

We are looking for sponsors and are asking our supporters in England if they can assist in sponsoring a nun or two for the Walk. Please visit our website for information about the Walk and contact the following:

Dr. Tashi Zangmo at

Meme Watanabe at

You may also contact our office number at +975-2-334502

In a new and exciting milestone for Bhutanese nuns, in May 2014, Bhutanese nuns were able to take the 2nd Getsulma ordination, has been possible in Bhutan for a long time and the controversy on the nuns full Glongma ordination currently much discussed in the Buddhist community, was one of the focal points which emerged from the 1st International Buddhist Nuns’ conference in Bhutan in December 2013 organized by the BNF. However it also became clear that not all communities are aware of the possibilities that are already open to those nuns wishing to formalize their choice of spiritual life. The International Nuns Conference was an important eye opening event in the history of Bhutanese nuns.
The Bhutan Nuns Foundation provides high leverage means of empowering Bhutanese women. It aims to improve living conditions and economic vitality of rural villages by preserving Bhutan’s strong, sustainable culture and spiritual heritage as it faces rapid economic development.

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