Jerry Sargeant Heals With The Stars

Kindred Spirit

by Jerry Sargeant

Energy flows through everything. Energy transforms from one form to another. It cannot be created or destroyed. You may have heard of energy healing modalities such as aura or chakra balancing, crystal healing, sound healing, shamanic healing, and quantum healing. Healing practitioners can also combine several modalities in an intuitive and creative way.

Energy healing clears blockages in our energy fields, repairs them, and rebalances our energy so our bodies are more capable of healing themselves. All cells within our bodies store and emit electricity in one form or another and electromagnetic processes are involved in all of our daily activities including breathing, eating, walking, and thinking. When you dive deep, past the physical appearance everything is electromagnetic.

Miracles: An everyday occurrence….
Eddie stared at his brother Andy’s body, lying on the sofa during the energy healing session with Jerry Sargeant. His sister in law was sat next to him and blown away at what she was witnessing. As smoke rose from his body she couldn’t believe her eyes, became overwhelmed with emotion and had to leave the room. Two weeks later at the hospital, scan results showed that the tumour in Andy’s throat had vanished. 

Electromagnetic Energy:
Energy healing manipulates subtle energy systems referred to as auras, chakras, and nadis (to name but a few) to heal many diseases holistically. It also facilitates our natural healing processes. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances are stored in our energy matrix or energy field, within and around our bodies. Energy healing helps us clear blockages in our energy fields so that our lives become more balanced. Jerry says ‘we were not created to suffer long term illnesses or injuries.’

Star Magic Healing
Jerry understands transformation on all levels. Coming from a life of crime, mixing with some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, to living life as a healer and helping humanity expand its levels of consciousness, through love. After a serious road traffic accident, a trip to space and time spent in Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, Jerry Sargeant completely transformed his ways and re-discovered this magical gift.

These cosmic healing codes present on earth in ancient Egyptian times are now available to human-kind through Star Magic Healing. They are embedded within multi-dimensional packets of information, transmitted through from stars and through our cosmos as these intelligent light streams work seamlessly and effortlessly through what Jerry calls Star Magic.

Star Magic is a quantum leap in healing technology, and it has been shown to produce very effective healing results. In a nutshell, Star Magic can edit and repair our divine holographic blueprint and create the perfect environment for us to regain balance and to facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Star Magic dives beyond the zero-point energy field and into an unexplored inverted field of infinite possibility, bringing to the surface the deepest and most ingrained blocks that are stopping you or anyone else moving forward in their lives.

Star Magic is intuitive and naturally flows without effort as it is very heart focused. Love is the key. No thinking is required Star Magic harnesses Extra-Terrestrial Light Frequencies, setting it a part from any other healing modality on the Planet.

An example of Star Magic healing technology is shown below.

Clearing Pyramids spinning around the body emitting extra-terrestrial light frequencies clearing any deep rooted blocks with the client’s holographic blueprint.

Miraculous Healing
Without doubt anything can be healed when your belief and trust become an unshakable knowing. Jerry Sargeant has proven Star Magic to work in the fields of health and well-being, love and relationships, spiritual growth, and business development. Take the case study of Mickey Bedi for example. She had been suffering from heavy bleeding. She consulted her doctor and her ultrasound scan showed that she had fibroids and a tumour in her uterus. Mickey found Jerry when searching for a psychic surgeon in the Philippines and contacted him. She was surprised that, after only three healing sessions, her bleeding had stopped entirely and the doctor’s scans showed no fibroids or tumour. She is now very happy and extremely grateful, and thanking Jerry she says ‘his healing is a real miracle’ for her.

Star Magic Heal the You-Niverse
Jerry’s new book Star Magic ‘Heal the You-Niverse will be released on 11.10.16. This is the most up to the minute healing modality and in this book Jerry shares all that he knows about Star Magic, through practical illustrated healing techniques, meditations and a number of consciousness expanding tools that will enable you to heal yourself and others. This healing modality is super-powerful. Are you ready? Get your copy here

Jerry Sargeant discovered the ability to heal after a serious road traffic accident, which had him embark on his spiritual journey and discover Star Magic. Using an extra-terrestrial light frequency of very high vibration, Jerry has been instrumental in healing broken bones, removing cysts and tumours, dissolving fibromyalgia, heal-ing hearts as well as healing broken relationships and super-charging businesses to achieve great success.

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