Intuitive Styling


Intuitive Styling draws its power from the ability to touch and enrich all aspects of wellbeing. While its usefulness in conjunction with major life transitions should never be ignored, its capacity to enhance day to day living is perhaps the most prominent relevance associated with its benefits and effectiveness.

An understanding of individual emotional, physical and spiritual requirements together with an awareness of current life trends and changes, formulate the backdrop against which the ideology of Intuitive Styling comes into play. This is perhaps most poignant in combination with transitional patterns enabling optimisation of pertinent decisions.

Intuitive Styling relies upon perception and an innate sense of energetic awareness for maximum delivery and impact. The objective remains firmly with the correct invention as well as projection of an external image that correlates successfully with progression and development. The appropriate implementation and utilisation of the process frequently contributes towards speeding up change as well as setting into motion pending trends and diversification.

When considering how to best apply Intuitive Styling on an individual level, the following points should be investigated, understood and taken into consideration:

  • Current emotional status and requirements
  • Current hopes and aspirations
  • Significant recent changes
  • Any patterns, in particular pertaining to emotional delivery and relationships

Once an idea of trends, expectations and requirements has been established, the next step would entail an understanding of existing preferences with regards to general physical appearance and projection, including personal style, use of colour and cosmetics, accessories, etc. Personal preferences should never be taken lightly as more often than not, a sense of integral identity may accompany any existing predisposition. However, the ethos of Intuitive Styling also requires a sense of openness towards adjustment and alteration, whereby pending goals and ambitions provide suitable justification for reasonable experimentation providing an incentive to go beyond the parameters of any existing comfort zone.

Once again, in order to proceed efficiently, certain questions pertaining to personal style and aesthetics need to be investigated and discussed. Here’s an overview of some of the topics and questions:

  • How would the subject describe his/her sense of style
  • What does the subject naturally veer towards with regards to style and fashion
  • What does the subject naturally avoid with regards to style and fashion
  • Which items of clothing does the subject naturally like
  • Which items of clothing does the subject usually avoid
  • Are there specific nuances in the utilisation of style that the subject treats as an integral part of personal identity
  • What are the existing preferences where the use of colour is concerned
  • Which colours does the subject relate to in a confident or naturally optimistic way
  • Which colours would the subject wish to avoid
  • What are the existing preferences in relation to the use of cosmetics
  • How are accessories currently incorporated into the everyday framework of preferences
  • Does the subject have a regimental and disciplined approach towards image and appearance or is the application and drive usually governed by mood and emotion
  • What role is any current hairstyle playing in the way the subject relates to his/her sense of identity
  • Does the subject naturally lean towards a more introvert or extrovert display of image and style

Understanding the answers to these questions together with an analogy of current life transitions and requirements, provides a starting point from which the logistics of any appropriate route can be formulated and methodically set into motion. The individual overtones connected with every assignment suggest that no two formulas can be identical. As such the intriguing art of Intuitive Styling proves even more intricate, requiring dedication, commitment and vision to arrive at the appropriate conclusion.

Nevertheless, the benefits associated with the tasks that provide the premise for Intuitive Styling justify the due care and meticulous attention required. The ultimate goal and objective with regards to the implementation of Intuitive Styling lies with self-empowerment and effective progression. As such incorporating this into the natural ebbs and flows of everyday life, consciously and subconsciously provides confidence, relativity, resilience and an enduring sense of personal achievement.

About the author: Tamara Trusseau is well-known as ‘The Love Goddess’ for the advice and readings she gives on love, relationships and female empowerment. Her skills include the tarot, aura and colour therapy, crystal healing and astrology. Together with Intuitive Styling this creates a range of psychic and clairvoyant skills which promotes intuitive direction in style and outlook. Visit her website for further information.



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