Into The Light by Bella Reed


Words of Wisdom:  Into The Light

Bella Reed shares her experiences of helping a lost soul


Following a wonderful visit to White Scar Caves in Ingleton, North Yorkshire in July 2012, I felt a constant presence behind me. It was as if this mysterious presence was following me around. Leaving the largest and final cavern on the tour, I could not shake off the feeling that someone was following me, even though I was last in the line walking out of the cavern.

As the months past, I became more and more concerned about this feeling, even to the point of being scared, as I knew there was something constantly behind me. However, I did not know who or what it was, or what it wanted. I was picking up on feelings of sadness and loneliness and feeling these emotions myself, even though there was nothing in my life to cause me to experience these emotions.

I approached a psychic medium who I know, and together we established that a poor, lost soul had followed me out of the cave: Unable to pass over into the light, they had been attracted to my light and had followed me in the hope that I could help them. I knew that this was something I had to do.

It was agreed that I would set up a mandala with my crystal skulls and star beings, a quartz cluster and any other appropriate crystals, and create an overall sacred space in which to invite all my angels, guides and the elementals with whom I work to help this lost soul to cross over into the light. Between us, we had a feeling that this would take three attempts, as the soul who has been following me (we established that he was male) would naturally be concerned about taking this final step.

On the night of the October full moon, I placed all my crystal skulls and star beings on my windowsill to soak up the energies and prepare for our new journey. I had been reminded of three important things to take into consideration before and during this process:


  • To ask my gatekeeper for assistance, as I would probably need to step away from my body to help this soul on his way.
  • The time of the waning moon is very appropriate for this journey, as it is a time of releasing.
  • That it would be helpful if on the third night I asked a member of this soul’s family to come forward and take him by the hand, to lead him into the light.

Day One

Today we just talked; he was so sad and all he wanted was a hug. I told him that all the angels and our guides and I were all working with love to help him for his highest good and that we will be there for him. His unicorn guide came with us when I showed him the light, and although he was still afraid, he now knew where he was going.

Day Two

We began to walk towards the light again today, until we came face to face with it. We asked a loved one to please come out to collect him, and a lady he knew kindly did. However, at the last moment, he changed his mind; he was too scared. It looks like it will be the three-day project we anticipated.

Day Three

I also enlisted the help of some crystal spheres and a crystal baby dragon today, for extra support. It seems very fitting that we are helping him make this final journey on Halloween, when the veils between worlds are at their thinnest. We slowly walked the long walk towards the light and today, instead of one loved one coming to meet him, many family and friends came out to welcome him into the light. They were so delighted to see him that he couldn’t help but make that final step into their arms. It was a pleasure to watch.


Now I feel lighter, no longer as though someone is behind me, watching me. I do still feel him occasionally on my left shoulder, but more as a guide than a lost soul; someone who is checking in on me.

Whilst speaking to my medium friend before this process began, we had both become aware of the fact that there were many other souls on the periphery of our vision; watching and waiting to see if I was able to help this soul and therefore if I would be able to help them too. I know that helping them to cross over into the light is now a huge part of my spiritual journey and development and I feel blessed.

My crystal skulls and star beings have asked that if possible, we can carry out this process outside in future, which will definitely add to the experience and make the transitions easier, if we can do our work in a sacred, natural space.

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