Incognito launches its new second skin range ready for Summer

Introducing incognito® SKIN… your natural second skin

This April, multi-award winning incognito launches its new second skin range; a trio of unique products that revolutionise the way we protect, cleanse, and moisturise our skin. Packed with natural and organic ingredients, these products will help shield you from insect bites… and much more! The incognito® after-sun moisturiser and hair & bodywash have been reformulated from existing award-winning incognito products.

Completing the trio is the new incognito® suncream insect-repellent. Combining three holiday essentials into one it simplifies and transforms your protection from sun damage and insect bites! Contains the same anti-insect ingredient as incognito’s award winning insect repellent spray and roll-on: PMD, recommended by Public Health England and the NHS.

The whole second skin range is packaged in carbon-negative renewable sugarcane plastic – a sustainable and recyclable material that represents eco-innovation at its finest! The production of 1kg of sugarcane plastic prevents the release of 4.6kg of carbon dioxide into the environment. This is a huge step for incognito in further reducing its footprint and maintaining its commitment to practice responsible and sustainable business.



For more info and for direct purchase, see  Incognito products are also available at all good supermarkets and health food stores!




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